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Sammy Jo decides to throw a lavish party at the Carrington Manor as a way to usher in his new chapter after his divorce from Steven. 

As he's looking for themes, Adam suggests a masquerade party simply because it will allow him to debut Alexis' new face.

Fallon embraces Liam since he's a writer on her roster. 

All the gossip blogs are talking about his book because they believe it's based on Ashley, his ex-girlfriend and Fallon's nemesis, who Sammy says is the "Meghan Markle of the Upper East Side."

Though she knew it wouldn't end well, Fallon suggested that Liam and Ashley do some press interviews to promote the book and build some buzz around it. 

Liam is against it, but Ashley is digging the idea. 

During their interview, she suggests that maybe breaking up was a bad idea. 

When Fallon finds out they went on a dinner date, she becomes jealous and tells Liam to take things slow. 

He reminds her that bringing him and Ashley together was her idea and that they would be attending Sammy's masquerade party together. 

Fallon begs Sammy to read Liam's book so she can figure out if it's a love story or a goodbye. 

Sammy reminds her that it's a work of fiction, but at the party, Adam tells her that Liam is clearly still in love with her. 

Fallon wallows in self pity as she watches Liam and Ashley cozy up to each other when Sammy cracks and tells her what she needs to hear: Liam won't tell her the truth about his feelings because she's always playing games with him and pretending to be someone else. 

Fallon musters up the courage to tell Liam how she feels and unsurprisingly, he loves her too. 

The two embrace on the dance floor, but while the moment was romantic, it was also captured by Adam who is offering to sell it to the highest bidder. 

Alexis debuts her new face after the party much to everyone's horror. 

They're all shocked by her uncanny resemblance to Fallon, but no one is more shocked than Fallon. 

Liam encourages her to talk to her mother who just went through something major and almost died. 

Fallon agrees, but when she goes to chat with Alexis, she realizes her mother is happy about stealing her face. 

Meanwhile, Blake and Cristal get into a fight when she admits to drugging his driver so Blake would take her father's threats seriously. 

And he did. In fact, he called in a favor from his friend Hector who cut the power at the Azteca game angering Cristal's family. 

Blake tells her she declared war. 

Cristal decides to fix it by forcing her Papa and Blake to meet each other. 

Though things are hostile at first, the two eventually agree to put everything behind them because they both love Cristal. 

They even agree to become business partners and make tons of money together on Blake's jet. 

While all of this is happening, Colby and Culhane are working together to prove that Blake is laundering money. 

They want to end him once and for all. 

Culhane is following the paper trail, but Colby goes rogue and involves the FBI, which upsets Culhane who is still on their hit list for working with Ada. 

Colby apolizes and continues trying to find an angle to bring Blake down. 

Culhane notices Colby's been acting weird though Colby tries to play it off. 

But his dizzy spells are a sign of inahling poison most likely found in the paint that Adam laced. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

I'm all about female empowerment and two girls fighting over the same guy is so 'My Best Friend's Wedding.'


Blake: I've always said that family is the most important currency in life.
Fallon: No, you've always said that money is the most important currency.