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Liam and Fallon are planning a mini-getaway to celebrate their romance when TMZ leaks a photo of them kissing at the masquerade party sending pre-sales plummeting. 

Fallon decides to handle the situation by offering a formal apology to the presses for misleading them about the relationship. 

After she puts out one fire, Laura Ridley, Liam's mother comes to town threatening to file a lawsuit on the grounds of slander. 

Liam reminds his mother the book is fiction, but she doesn't like the way she was portrayed. 

She makes Fallon an offer: she will allow Fallon's publishing company to thrive if she gives up her son. 

Fallon doesn't accept the offer, obviously, and lawyers up for a fight. 

Liam suggests they go to dinner and chat over copious amounts of wine. 

However, dinner doesn't go smoothly either. 

After finally tells his mother that he won't be breaking up with Fallon, she tells him that she has cancer. 

All of a sudden, Liam is at his mother's disposal even telling Fallon he may have to return to New York to be with her during her last month's. 

Fallon believes the timing is very convenient and plans a spa day with Laura to "patch things up."

While they are getting pampered, she snags a vial of Laura's blood and sends it off to the lab. 

During Liam's book party, where he tells her he's leaving town with his mother, Fallon gets a confirmation from the lab that Laura is not undergoing chemotherapy. 

Fallon confronts Laura who continues to play the victim and acts offended that Fallon would suggest she's faking an illness. 

She publicly announces that she's suffering from stage IV cancer and tells the public that her son's girlfriend is accusing her of making it up. 

Fallon jumps on the mic and begins to offer proof that Laura is faking it. 

Laura defends herself by saying that she stopped chemotherapy because it made her sick. 

Liam is fed up with Fallon and leaves the party. 

As she's sipping champagne and wallowing in self-pity, Sammy and Anders come bearing gifts. 

The two spent all day trying to track down who leaked the photos to TMZ. 

Fallon isn't shocked Adam was behind the leak, but she is surprised to find out that Adam and Lauran have been getting "cozy."

She confronts Laura while Liam is at a yoga class at gives her a choice: either she tells Liam that his mother's a liar or Laura comes clean herself and has a chance at mending the relationship one day. 

Laura chooses to be honest and shortly after, Liam apologizes to Fallon. 

Alexis is still troubled by the fact that Fallon is angry at her about her face. 

She goes to see a surgeon about making some improvements, but he ensures her his team made her look just like the photo Adam showed them. 

Alexis tells Fallon she's leaving town to change her face again and informs her about how dangerous Adam is. 

Fallon wages war against her brother by "keeping his close."

Meanwhile, Blake and Cristal team-up to convince a Senator to vote that gambling should become legal in Atlanta. 

It's part of Blake's new "family partnership" with Cristal's father. 

Colby and Culhane work tirelessly to find something to bring down Blake. 

While Colby begins losing it from the poisonous substance in his office paint, Culhane takes all the documents that he found and turns them over to the FBI in exchange for immunity in the Ada Stone case. 

Adam approaches a weakened Colby to warn him against messing with the Carrington family again.

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Laura Ridley: I read your book. My dear friend, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning critic, Michiko Kakutani, she slipped me her advanced copy. And I must say I'm offended. Not only by your subpar writing but by your slanderous portrayal of me. So I have filed a lawsuit.
Liam: It's fiction, Mom.
Laura Ridley: The book will never see the light of day, and I will tie up your little vagina power company with so many lawsuits that you will never sign another author again.
Fallon: Are you really that sad?
Laura Ridley: What's sad is this little folly. So I will give you a choice. I will give up the lawsuit if you give up my son.

I mean, I should've known better. Kissing in public? It's almost as bad as leaking your own sex tape.