Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18 Review: Life is a Masquerade Party

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The Carrington family will throw a party for just about anything.

On Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18, Sammy decided that in order to get over Steven, he needed to throw himself a "coming out" as a single man party. 

Per usual, the party served as the event for all the evening's major events to unfold.  

Romantic Issues - Tall - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18

Fallon got the guy after a lengthy cat and mouse game, Blake finally met his father-in-law, and Alexis debuted her new, terrifying face. 

I'll start with Fallon because she made me so angry when she almost self-sabotaged herself again by bringing Liam and Ashley back together. 

While Fallon's decision to bring Ashley back into Liam's life made sense in terms of book pre-sales, Sammy phrased it the best: what did she think was going to happen?

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Ashley only agreed to help out Liam because she was hoping for a reconciliation. 

Also, I couldn't help but laugh out loud when they said she was the Meghan Markle of the Upper East Side.

That woman doesn't hold a candle to Meghan Markle. 

It's Fiction - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18

Fallon's inability to be honest about her feelings almost ruined her second chance at a relationship with Liam. 

He even gave her so many attempts at being honest; he urged her to tell him how she feels, and she still hid behind her "boss lady" persona. 

If it wasn't for Sammy knocking some sense into her, I don't think she'd muster up the courage to just be honest with Liam about her feelings. 

We're all afraid of getting hurt, but she's hurt Liam plenty of times in an attempt to protect herself. 

I'm all about female empowerment and two girls fighting over the same guy is so 'My Best Friend's Wedding.'


They both owed each other the truth. 

And boy, was I happy to hear them finally say the L word. 

It's about damn time!

Unfortunately, following your heart comes at a cost. 

Liam and Fallon may have gotten their happy ending after a bumpy road, but Adam is gearing up to ruin Fallon's publishing company and the success of Liam's book by attempting to sell the photo of their kiss to the highest tabloid bidder. 

Wear Masks  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18

And while the optics aren't great for a publisher to be dating a writer who is putting out a book inspired by their love story, I'm confident Fallon will find a way to spin this in a way that's still profitable. 

Fallon is the queen of spinning. 

Adam clearly manipulated Steven because he wanted to weasel way into the Carrington family and buy his father's love, but what's the point of destroying Fallon?

Blake: I've always said that family is the most important currency in life.
Fallon: No, you've always said that money is the most important currency.

What does he have against her?

Why doesn't he want her to be happy?

It's not like she's gotten in his way of getting a seat at his father's table.

There's enough wealth to go around.  

Adam seems to be just a bad seed willing to destroy everything around him in hopes of elevating himself. 

I'm surprised he hasn't come for Cristal yet. 

Mrs. Carrington - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18

After all, she's the only other person who has Blake's heart. 

Adam has subtly waged war against most of the family, including his cousin Colby. 

Remember when Adam poured something into Colby's paint? 

Look, I was doing the same thing. I was protecting myself. And the truth is, I started writing that book to get over you. But it turned out to be the best way to tell you how I feel. I know I'm in love with you. I have been, for awhile.


Yep, that turned out to be a poison which has slowly made Colby as sick as a dog. 

It's only a matter of time before he collapses or ends up dead. 

At this rate, Adam's ability to play the long game is kind of impressive. 

No one will ever suspect him for tainting the paint. 

If Colby doesn't make it out alive, Culhane is going to have to deal with the FBI himself. 

Royal Couple - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18

And you know how the FBI feels about him and his work with Ada Stone. 

Taking down Blake isn't an easy feat, especially when he's got his henchmen running around. 

Doesn't it seem like everywhere you turn, Adam is there just waiting to do some damage?

I think Culhane and Colby have gotten in way over their heads. 

At the very least, they should have expected to get caught up in the crosshairs. 

Adam: I read Liam's book. All I can say is I hope I'm lucky enough to find someone who feels that way about me.
Fallon: You can start with non-relatives.

Even the FBI agent said they've tried to nab Blake for years, but they can never build enough evidence to support a case. 

And now that Blake has entered into a partnership with Cristal's father, it seems that he's going to become invincible. 

Silvio Flores has men paid off not only in Mexico but also in Asia. 

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While Blake and Silvio started as enemies that were vying for Cristal's love, they quickly learned that they were way more powerful together, especially with their combined connections. 

I guess Cristal didn't have to worry after all. She found a man just like her father. 

Was anyone else a little underwhelmed with the meeting between Blake and Silvio? 

I Always Have  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18

And who else thought Blake somehow set Silvio up and that their truce was just a ruse?

I thought they'd at least do some real damage to each other before putting aside their differences. 

The build-up was so intense that I thought the moment they'd find themselves in the same room, all hell would break loose. 

But instead, they kept things very cordial. It didn't take much to convince them to call a truce. 

Sammy: I don't know why you expect Liam to be honest with you when you are not honest with him.
Fallon: What are you talking about?
Sammy: For someone who hates masks, you are the biggest mask wearer of them all. I mean, you're totally unwilling to let anyone know the true Fallon. There.

Alexis' new face reveal went just as I imagined it would. 

Everyone's reaction to seeing a nightmarish Fallon-look alike was fitting and hilarious. 

Liam's face was like "what did I just get myself into?!"

I can't get over just how bad Alexis' new face looks. 

I'm also curious as to why Adam wants his mother to look just like his sister?

Divorce Party  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18

Is he in love with Fallon? Does he want to sabotage Fallon using her look-alike mother?

And what is happening to Alexis' voice?

At first, I thought Nicolette Sheridan was still providing a voiceover for the character, but there were moments during the dialogue where Fallon's voice and speech mannerisms shined through. 

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If that is Fallon putting on her best Sheridan, color me impressed. 

The one thing that irritated me was Alexis' acceptance of her crazy son's antics.

She acted as though she was fine with Adam shoving her into the fire simply because she got a younger face out of it. 

Is there a reason she's no longer phased about her him possibly being murderous and manipulative?

Other Manor Musings

  • Where was Kirby? Why wasn't she at the party? Was she on a business trip?
  • Is Anders roped up in all of Blake's dirty business?
  • Are they going to find a new love interest for Sammy? Or at least a hobby?
  • When are they going to bring back Steven so he could finally help this family get rid of Adam?
Guess Who!  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18

As Dynasty episodes go, "Life is a Masquerade Party" fell into a neutral zone; it wasn't a terrible episode, but it wasn't exceptional either. 

The best part was that we could finally put Fallon and Liam's turbulent relationship woes to rest. 

However, the writers have stuck to a specific formula with this series, and it's become stale. 

Fallon: Mother, what have you done to yourself?
Sammy: She's made herself Fallon. Wow, that is some dark...
Alexis: Shut up, everyone just shut up.

Even Fallon's zingers were a little less zingy. 

To keep things fresh and unpredictable, they need to switch it up and give us more than a badly reconstructed face and some shady dealings. 

You have to catch up on episodes you may have missed and watch Dynasty online

And don't forget to comment and let me know what you thought of the episode. 

Life is a Masquerade Party Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

I'm all about female empowerment and two girls fighting over the same guy is so 'My Best Friend's Wedding.'


Blake: I've always said that family is the most important currency in life.
Fallon: No, you've always said that money is the most important currency.