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Fallon organizes a girls trip, but it isn't because she wants to spend time with her girlfriends. 

The ladies -- Monica, who was invited, Cristal, who weaseled her way in, and Kirby, who was a stowaway on the private jet -- traveled to a ski resort in Idaho only to find out Fallon had duped them and they were only there to sabotage Liam and his new girlfriend, Ashley. 

While Fallon stakes out in the lobby, Cristal and Kirby hit the slopes. 

Fallon eventually bumps into Liam, who is surprised to see her there. Ashley makes it very clear that she's not going to let Fallon take her man, the man Fallon "emotionally starved."

Fallon accepts the challenge and declares a "war on the mountain."

She begins brainstorming ways to get some time alone with Liam, which includes a very intricate plan to hijack his skiing time. 

Kirby, trying to prove she's a worthy friend, picks up the phone, calls the receptionist posing as Ashley Cunningham (blonde girl voice as all) and secures their travel itinerary. 

The ladies begin plotting a distraction for Ashley when Sammy knocks on the door. 

He's upset that they didn't invite him to the girls trip, but Fallon finds another purpose for him. 

The next day, he's posing as Ashley's masseuse. 

Kirby joins him in giving the entitled blonde a "free makeover," which includes partially removing her eyebrows, putting hair glue in her hair, and sticking on 'working class' nails. 

Meanwhile, Fallon scores her few moments with Liam. She apologizes to him, explains that Culhane was never her 'one,' and wants to start fresh. 

Liam informs her that he did start fresh with Ashley and that he's happy. 

He pulls away from Fallon's advances and leaves the date. 

Fallon pulls together the group to drown her sorrow's at some shady and smelly bar in town because that's the only place she knows Liam won't find her. 

While she's chatting with Cristal, a woman comes up to take their belongings to coat check. 

When they are about to leave, the bartender informs Fallon that there is no coat check in this establishment. 

Unable to pay their hefty bar tab, Kirby hops on stage and belts out into a karaoke-rendition of "These Boots Were Made for Walking."

Fallon joins her and pretty soon, everyone is up on the stage dancing and singing their hearts out. 

A scorned Ashley comes into the bar and decides to throw punches, but Fallon and her crew take her on. 

Eventually, the police are called. Liam returns all of Fallon's belongings and when she tries to apologize, he tells her she's not the sophisticated and savvy woman he fell in love with. 

He's disgusted with her "low" actions and tells her he can't stand the sight of her. 

Understandably, Fallon is heartbroken.

Cristal comes clean to Fallon about why she decided to join the trip -- she's not sure if Blake is the father of her baby. 

She admits to having an accidental one-night stand with her husband and confesses that Blake's potential reaction to finding out scares her. 

Fallon informs her that she has to tell her father the truth, regardless of what he'll say. 

When Cristal finally gets home, Blake is going on and on about how lucky this baby makes him feel so she refrains from telling him.

Meanwhile, Blake persuades Culhane to travel with him to Belgium to sign pro-soccer player Sterling Wells. 

Initially, Culhane declines the offer, but his mother pushes him towards taking the job and finally working in sports. 

He accompanies Blake to Belgium and secures the deal with Wells under one condition -- he has to become part owner of the soccer team. 

During the trip, Monica calls her estranged mother, Dominique, to tell her not to get on Colby's plane or else she'll make life a living hell. 

Dominique seems to have heeded her daughter's warning leaving a disappointed Colby telling Monica that she was 'right.'

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Blake: I want you to come with me. You two speak the same language.
Culhane: Is that the 'black' language, Blake?

Fallon: Do you even know what snow is?
Cristal: I hear it's white than you.