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The episode kicks off with Vanessa and Dominique, who now live at the Carrington Manor, filming an episode of House of Deveraux, their reality show, before getting interrupted by Blake, who wants no part of it. 

Dominique suggests Vanessa make up with Culhane for one-day-only and pretend like the sex tape never happened. 

She tells her daughter that this is "her story" and needs to make her music shine. 

Vanessa visits a frazzled Culhane, who is losing supporters because of the sex tape. She tells him the least he can do is help her film one episode as a love interest, and he agrees. 

The filming takes place throughout the episode leading to the single launch party.

Vanessa seems smitten with Culhane, and he's confused by the mixed signals. 

Meanwhile, Liam leaves town to locate Heidi, Connor's runaway mom, and leaves Fallon to play step-mommy. 

She hates it initially, and accidentally blurts out that Heidi ran away, which forces Connor to run away. 

He climbs up a very tall tree and refuses to come down. Liam returns and tries his best but to no avail. 

Eventually, Fallon tries a new approach by connecting with Connor on the feeling of abandonment since her mother also ran away. It seems to work, but as Connor tries to climb down, he falls into the water. 

Liam jumps in after him to save him, but Connor is splashing around a lot. Culhane managed to be walking by and runs in to help. 

The video somehow gets leaked and supporters begin coming back to Atlantix because he's "family-friendly" again. Vanessa takes the credit and suggests they start seeing each other again. Culhane agrees, but Vanessa reveals she's only doing it to please her mother and for the show. 

Fallon and Liam arrive at their hotel after the day they've had only to see Heidi waiting for them. 

She apologizes and explains that she was feeling overwhelmed, but Fallon isn't buying it. She wants to keep Connor, but Liam informs her that there's nothing they can do... yet. 

At the Colby residence, Alexis is getting worried about Jeff's worsening condition. He has turned to holistic medicine to cure his condition, but Alexis notices he's not doing so well. 

She turns to Adam, who is now back to practicing medicine, about looking into the big pharma company Blake purchased. 

He finds a working cure but explains that they never released it because it's super risky. 

Alexis orders him to steal the medicine from the hospital, and they agree to slip it into Jeff's drinks and meals when he's not looking since he doesn't trust Adam enough. 

Alexis spikes his seltzer at Vanessa's single release party, but doesn't keep track of him and is shocked to learn Jeff drank alcohol, which doesn't mix well with the medication. 

When they arrive home, Jeff says he's feeling lightheaded and dizzy and collapses on the ground. 

Cristal tries to sneak her brother, Beto, back to Mexico when she learns that the cops have been sniffing around. 

She tells Blake she's going on a bachelorette party with the private jet, but when he hops on board as a surprise, he's shocked to see it's just her brother. 

She tells him a half-truth about why Beto was at the explosion. Beto tries to take more painkillers in the bathroom and chokes on them. Blake gives him a Heimlich and saves his life. 

Once they leave him in Mexico, Cristal comes clean to Blake about her attempt to kill Alexis. 

He's not at all concerned, which worries her, and she tells him she wants to lead a better life.

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Dominique: We're calling it House of Deveraux. What do you think?
Blake: I think this is the house of me, not some movie set.

Fallon: But if your guy doesn't find him, we are gonna need a lot more than room service. Like a nanny, and a really good shrink.
Liam: Kids are pretty resilient.
Fallon: The shrink was for me.