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Fallon is trying to get through to Liam that she's ready to change.

He is not ready for it and says she still has some soul searching to do.

She gets high with Amanda and winds up in a movie land with Anders.

The purpose is to show her that she can be successful and be in a relationship with her husband.

There's a lot going on but when she returns home, she meets Liam and tells him she will do better.

This does not sit well with him and he says they need a break.

He leaves the manor and Fallon is shocked to the core at her husband leaving her.

Blake's campaign is almost derailed when a journalist threatens to run a story about Leo's murder.

Sam and Culhane try to get the upper hand and offer the man money, but he runs the full story with a Carrington listed as a source.

Someone turned on Sammy Jo!

Adam schemes to get Amanda fired, but she figures out it's him and asks Blake to get her transferred to the hospital to make his life hell.

Adam is shocked that his sister is fighting back, realizing he needs to take action.

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

I need to find myself. We need a break.


I'll be working in the hospital... with you!