Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph

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Is it truly the end for Fallon and Liam?

If Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19 is to be believed, then the marriage appears to be over.

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Fallon has been putting her career ahead of her relationship, and just when it seemed like she had figured it out, Liam pulled the rug from under her.

Under His Wing - Dynasty

The show has been largely built on the bond between this couple over the last few years, so it feels like a bit of a slap in the face for Liam to say he needs to find himself.

If he had these reservations, why did he get married in the first place? Moreover, why would he let himself get closer to Fallon's assistant of all people?

Maybe he has a secret twin we don't know about, and it'll be revealed the real Liam has been kidnapped because this just feels like a terrible way of throwing some conflict into the ether for this couple.

Fallon Apologizes - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19

While it's easy to say that Fallon is to blame for much of what is happening in her relationship, at least she finally confronted the fact that she's not been nurturing the relationships in her life.

Amanda helping calm her sister showed there will be a strong bond between these two women, but I wasn't a fan of Fallon getting high and watching a movie about the relationships in her family with Anders.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: What was the point of killing off Anders if he's continuing to be used to put out fires from beyond the grave?

This eliminates the stakes from the narrative and makes it seem like the death was an attempt at garnering some buzz for the show.

Happy Liam? - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19

If Liam turns to his mother, well, he can probably kiss Fallon goodbye because his mother knows a thing or ten about ruining relationships.

It was strange Eva wasn't on-screen this week. Surely she would have been cackling like a witch at the prospect of the man she's trying to steal ditching his wife.

Amanda working with Blake as a legal assistant for his aviation firm was absurd. The world of law is far-reaching into many different fields, and, quite frankly, the notion that Amanda could have worked on anything without going back to school is laughable.

At least Amanda commented on her lack of knowledge on the matter, so it helped to make it a little more believable, I guess.

Alone - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19

Adam messing with her work was no surprise. He's jealous at all the attention she's been getting from Blake, Alexis, and Fallon, and Blake should have figured out what he was up to from the get-go.

The drama between the siblings is very good because it shows what Amanda is capable of, which bodes well for her overall arc.

Amanda asking to work in the hospital is her way of sticking the middle finger up at her brother, but she doesn't know what Adam is capable of. He kills people without a second thought, and I would like to think Amanda would win in any scenario here.

Speaking of Adam killing people, who expected Leo's murder to hit the headlines? It was a nice way to show Sam and Culhane that actions have consequences and that they can't just brush this under the rug.

The Truth - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19

With Blake entering the world of politics, his personal life is fair game, and if someone in his circle has done something bad, well, it will be leaked to the press.

The issue I have with the story doing the rounds online is that there should have been a better build-up to it.

Adam has killed before, and it's hard to believe he didn't cover it up better. He's a loose cannon, but he's not silly enough to leave anything pointing to him.

Now that La Mirage has been thrown into question, Sam is going to have to consider the fact that a Carrington sold him out.

Cristal Returns - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19

Sam has been immersed in the family thanks to Celia from the beginning of the series, so it's hard to believe someone would sell him out in such a manner.

Then again, it's possible someone like Beto got the information required to get a vote of no-confidence against his sister to get the father's company back.

Beto was missing from this episode, but at least he was mentioned. His actions have had a big effect on the trajectory of Cristal's storyline, and could you imagine the shock on Sam's face if it was Beto?

It could also be Kirby! She inherited the Carrington secrets, and while I don't know whether Anders would have had that recent kill in his book, someone might have added it.

Alexis Schemes Again - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19

"Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph" was another decent installment of this soapy drama. The stage is set for a wild conclusion to the season, and I can't wait to see where we go from here.

What are your thoughts on the end of Falliam?

Are you tired of the back and forth with Adam and Amanda?

Hit the comments.

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Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph Review

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