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The family, minus Lucious, gather at the clinic to visit Andre. The doctor assures them through therapy, Andre will get better. It is revealed via flashback that Andre had his first psychotic break while in college and that Lucious was aware of his diagnosis but refused to accept it. 

Lucious and Vernon meet to discuss the upcoming IPO, but Lucious is still upset about the power play Andre made with Vernon's assistance with it. 

Malcolm meets with Cookie to let her know he will be keeping his distance from her, as he's developed romantic feelings for her. She won't let him leave, however, and the two share a kiss. 

Olivia prepares to board a bus but she is approached by an old boyfriend, Reggie, who wants to find Lola. The two visit Vernon, who has relapsed, and ask to be taken to Lola. 

Before the IPO papers are to be signed, Hakeem debuts a new song with Camilla's help. Afterwards, Lucious attempts to buy Camilla off, seeing her as nothing more than a scam artist. She does not take the money, but she does leave town. 

When Olivia and Reggie show up, things get hostile between him and Jamal, resulting in Reggie pulling out a gun. During the standoff, Lucious pleads with Reggie and admits that he is Lola's father. 

Reggie is shot in the head and killed by Malcolm. Later, Olivia takes Lola and the two of them leave town.

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Empire Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Well, I've been disloyal to my commander, by falling for his wife. That is a serious breach of every pledge I've ever sworn. So I hope you understand I will be keeping my distance. And I didn't want you to think I wasn't around. Yeah.

Malcolm [to Cookie]

Vernon: We got reasons to be cheerful, bro. Can't believe we about to take this thing public after all these years. Come on, don't leave me hanging.
Lucious: We? You mean me. This is mine, I built this.