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Jamal heads into the studio with Lucious and Snoop Dogg, but isn't happy with his recordings. Cookie starts to tell Lucious why she turned down Angelo's proposal, but they are interrupted by Giuliana.

Snoop tells Lucious that Jamal needs to be part of the Inferno project. Lucious tries to convince Jamal but he refuses to get involved. 

Cookie finds Andre in the back of a laundromat with Shyne and a bunch of old friends from Philadelphia, ready to declare war on Lucious. She invites them all over for dinner. 

At Leviticus, Hakeem asks Lucious to put his name on Bella's birth certificate, but Lucious doesn't think he's ready. Just then, the club is shut down by Angelo and his political connections. 

Cookie and Lucious discuss how to handle Angelo. Cookie realizes Lucious moved Anika to a hotel so Giuliana could live with him in the mansion. 

Hakeem complains about Lucious to Tiana and Tory, who are making out in the hot tub together. Eventually, Hakeem joins them. 

Cookie meets with Andre, Shyne and the Philly crew. She urges them to let Lucious to go Vegas and do all of the work of getting the club set up before they try to take him down. 

Snoop tells Lucious and Thirsty that his financial advisor told me not to invest in Inferno. Turns out, his advisor's last name is Dubois, just like Angelo.

Cookie and Jamal argue about Jamal's creative block. Lucious demands that Cookie confront Angelo about what he's trying to do to Inferno. Cookie tries to convince Angelo to stop, but instead she's threatened by Diana. 

Cookie tells the family that Diana wants to declare war on the Lyons. Jamal convinces the others that it's better to negotiate peace, but Cookie is buying it. Jamal apologizes to Angelo on behalf of the family and gives him a $5 million check for his scholarship program. 

Jamal tells Lucious that Hakeem has been livestreaming all day about the meaning of life and family after seeing a video of a lion pride on television. Hakeem ends the livestream by performing a song dedicated to Bella.

Jamal gets frustrated in the studio again, but Cookie refuses to let him quit. Both of them overhear a beat they like from the neighboring studio and realize it is Lucious. Jamal joins Lucious in the studio. 

Lucious says that Snoop will still invest in Inferno is Jamal sings on it, and Jamal agrees. Cookie proposes that Lucious and Jamal's albums are both launched in Vegas. Jamal convinces Cookie and Lucious that they should all work together as a family. 

At a family dinner, Lucious gives Anika divorce papers. He also gives Hakeem his Empire Xstream channel back, and changes Bella's birth certificate so that Hakeem is listed as Bella's father. However, their meal is interrupted when child protective services show up to take Bella away.  

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Empire Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Guess what, old man? Last I checked you weren't the only CEO at this company.

Jamal [to Lucious]

I know your father can be a piece off work. Just give him a minute to come to his senses and then we can run Vegas like a family.

Cookie [to Andre]