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Lucious reminisces about when he and Giuliana were together. Cookie visits Lucious to tell him that Angelo is likely to propose soon. Lucious agrees to not stand in the way of their marriage, and asks for her help in stopping the Vegas deal.

Giuliana and Andre prepare to meet with the Las Vegas Gaming Commissioner, Charlotte Frost. They try to convince Tory to write a song for Nessa to perform in Vegas. Despite Lucious having tied her down for his Inferno project, Tory agrees. 

Angelo tells Jamal about his intention to propose to Cookie. Jamal gives him his blessing and advises him to do something dramatic to impress her.

Andre introduces Cookie and Lucious to Giuliana. Lucious remembers when he first met Giuliana. Lucious tells Cookie about Giuliana's husband, Rafael, a big time criminal in Vegas. Shyne and Andre are surprised that Lucious knows Rafael. 

Cookie tells her sons she's going to marry Angelo. Hakeem is annoyed but Jamal is very enthusiastic about her moving on from Lucious. Andre agrees to support the marriage if she supports the Vegas deal. 

Shyne, Thirsty and Lucious discuss Rafael. Becky brings Lucious to the studio to hear Tory's new song. Lucious wants to release the demo on Empire Xstream but Becky tells him it was commissioned by Andre for Nessa. Lucious insists that they release it anyway.

Cookie and Lucious listen in on Anika's meeting with Tariq through a wire. Tariq reveals that he's been suspended from the FBI. Shyne calls Lucious and asks to meet with him to discuss Rafael.

Angelo asks Cookie to come on a live television show with him. Giuliana surprises Lucious with a gun. Lucious remembers when he told Giuliana he was going to buy a club in Vegas, only for Rafael to reveal he was married to Giuliana before stealing all of Lucious' money.

Lucious demands that Giuliana give him his money back. Giuliana tells him she can't pay him back unless he signs off on the Vegas deal. She asks him to help her sell the deal to the Commissioner Frost at Leviticus the next night. Anika wakes up in Tariq's bed and tries to keep him talking while Thirsty listens in. 

Hakeem and Tiana launch Tory's song on Empire Xstream. Jamal is disappointed that Tory is spending time around people who are drinking and partying, but she just accuses him of being jealous.

Lucious lures Tariq out to New Jersey and confronts him about illegally pursuing the case while being suspended from the FBI. 

Angelo and Cookie appear on television together. When the host asks about their relationship, Angelo proposes to Cookie. Cookie allows him to put the ring on her finger but doesn't actually say yes. 

Andre and Giuliana are surprised to see Lucious chatting up Commissioner Frost at Leviticus. Cookie reveals that she still has feelings for Lucious, not knowing that one of their microphones has turned back on and is broadcasting her confession.

Angelo, furious, accidentally reveals all of the illegal things he did for the Lyon family. Angelo's mother vows to get revenge on all of them.

Shyne and Nessa walk into Leviticus and find Tory performing in Nessa's place. Andre tells Shyne to get his men ready to take out Lucious. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Whatever you and him got, it ain't nothing compared to what we had.

Lucious [to Cookie]

Lucious: I was a bit of a romantic then.
Cookie: Was that before or after you divorced me?
Lucious: Does it matter? I mean, we both know that love and romance is all bull, right?