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Shyne tries to shoot Andre in Jamal's apartment, but Nessa is there to diffuse the situation and Shyne leaves. 

Lucious wants the Lyon family to become a united front when it comes to going toe to toe with Shyne. 

Jamal wants Hakeem to perform with him to try and reach out to his fan base, but Jamal can't perform with his PTSD, so they have to perform from Jamal's apartment. 

Jamal and Hakeem have a heated argument when Lucious talks to Hakeem. Hakeem thinks that Jamal needs to put more fight into the song, because he is the one that needs it. 

Lucious and Andre try to have a sit down with Shyne and it doesn't go well until Anika diffuses the situation. They ultimately give Shyne what he wants. 

Becky disobey's Cookie's orders by having Tiana record a different song than Cookie had intended.

Angelo and Cookie get into a fight because she thinks that he went to her parole officer to keep her in check. 

Everything explodes at the live stream, because Hakeem found out that Dre is sleeping with Nessa.

Becky gets fired from Tiana's team, because she lied to Tiana about the song that they recorded. 

Angelo is prepared to fight for Cookie, even if that means going up against Lucious. 

Tariq is the one who went to her parole officer to try to put the squeeze on Cookie and Lucious. 


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Empire Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't get my hands dirty in front of her, but I'll be back. In fact I'll save you for last.


Shyne is not a snitch, he'd rather be dead than be a rat.