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Hakeem prepares for his 21st birthday. D-Major comes out of the closet and declares his love for Jamal on social media, then walks into Jamal's apartment to find him with Philip.

Leah tells Cookie and Lucious that Tariq is trying to flip Anika. Andre tries to convince Giuliana to book Nessa for the opening of her next club in Vegas.

Angelo finds Cookie's gun. Cookie remembers shooting an intruder in the knee when she was younger, but lies and tells Angelo she never fired it.

Anika is in a car with her parents; she didn't go to Tariq after all. Tiana chats with Hakeem from tour and apologizes for missing his birthday. D-Major and Jamal try to talk about their relationship but are interrupted by Cookie. 

Andre is furious when he learns that Hakeem wants to stream his birthday party on Empire Xstream. Lucious tells Andre he got an anonymous tip telling him there was a huge business opportunity in Vegas, but Andre denies knowing anything about it.

Cookie goes to her salon and finds Giuliana occupying her stylist. Tiana shows up at Hakeem's birthday party. The club owner tells Hakeem that the price of the party counts against his appearance fee, but Hakeem bullies him into paying the full fee.

Anika comes home to find Cookie and Lucious waiting for her. Anika offers to trick Tariq into falling for her so that the case will have to be thrown out. Leah threatens to kill Anika with Cookie's gun. D-Major and Philip fight over Jamal. 

Hakeem brings his birthday party to Leviticus, where Tiana performs. Jamal comes onstage as a surprise, and Hakeem joins them. The performance is interrupted by a brawl that breaks out when one of Tiana's friends refuses a male guest's advances. 

Andre punishes Hakeem for ditching his secuirty guards by kicking him off of Empire Xstream. Tiana accuses Hakeem of only thing of himself and storms out.

Giuliana wants to know why she hasn't met Lucious yet. Andre tries to seduce Giuliana but she refuses to sleep with him without Nessa's permission. Cookie asks Angelo to get rid of her gun. Giuliana offers to get another gangster in business with Lucious.

Hakeem decides to spend what's left of his birthday with Bella, and Lucious tells him about the night he was born. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Cookie: What's that? You getting that ALS again?
Lucious: I never had ALS.

Andre: Are you a singer?
Giuliana: I tried it for a minute. Then I decided talent has no power. I wanted to be the boss.