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Cookie keeps her secret about the murder from her sisters. 

She tells Lucious who later exposes it to Carol following a big bust-up over Yana. 

Carol is upset and leaves the apartment, but she later shows up at a musical number on Tea Talk and causes a lot of drama. 

She goes behind the scenes and admits that she and Candace had something to do with Cookie's jail sentence. 

Andre tells Maya to lie about the drugs and offers her a recording contract. 

Porsha is upset because she feels like she worked her butt off for 7 years just to get to this point in her career. 

Andre went too hard on Treasure and she had to stop singing on doctor's orders. 

The police come looking for Quincey, and Teri finds out the truth. 

As she gets ready to skip town, Andre catches her and says the kid will stay with him if she leaves. 

She reluctantly stays with him. 

Giselle came clean to Julian about being his mother and he flipped out about it. 

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Empire Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

I don't want to live on any more secrets or lies.


If you go digging up bones, something ugly always comes up.