Empire Season 6 Episode 13 Review: Come Undone

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The truth always comes out in the end. 

Just ask Cookie. 

For much of Empire Season 6 Episode 13, Cookie was worried sick about Carol learning Cookie killed her lover 20 years ago, but little did she know that her sisters already did something unforgivable to her. 

Come Clean - Empire

Carol's outburst has undoubtedly changed the dynamic between the Holloway sisters forever. While we didn't learn what exactly Candace and Carol did to Cookie, the term "17 years" suggests they were to blame for her incarceration. 

Maybe it was as simple as giving evidence against their sister, but Cookie is going to have a tough time coming to terms with the betrayal. 

Carol Hears Something? - Empire Season 6 Episode 13

Then again, Cookie killed Carol's lover and baby father. No good was going to come from that, and a part of me thinks Carol knew already and was merely waiting for Cookie to own up to it. 

Cookie has wrestled with her demons, but we always come back to what she did in the past, and I can't be the only one that laughed at the terrible execution of Carol's discovery. 

If you go digging up bones, something ugly always comes up.


Lucious being so flippant about it and saying that Cookie wanting the truth out was not true to character. He would have supported his ex-wife through thick and thin. 

He would have felt horrible about exposing the secret, so the very notion that he thought revealing the secret while arguing over Becky and Yana is quite simply terrible writing. 

Lucious and Yana - Empire Season 6 Episode 13

There's no denying that Lucious and Cookie's relationship has changed, but they would not treat each other like this.

I respect the writers are trying to fan the flame that they turn on each other, but they could have at least looked at the framework of the characters before making these decisions. 

To turn on someone you love, there has to be cause. Cookie and Lucious have fallen out of love, but they are still there for each other when the sun comes up and reality sets in. 

Cookie is going to want to get to the bottom of Carol's outburst, and that could mean she will be left with nobody in the world. 

It's been cumbersome watching Lucious. He's got a new lease of life in his support of Yana and thinks that his three decades in the music business puts him at an advantage. 

Andre and Porsha - Empire Season 6 Episode 13

But what he fails to realize is that the world has changed. Social media is a big thing, and giving potential fans what they want when they want it is the best thing to do. 

Yana could become a brand. She has the star quality, the looks, and the charisma to enthrall everyone who listens to her sing. But she needs more creative control over that brand. 

Granted, she made a mistake working with Becky, but the fault lies with Lucious, who became controlling. He needs to realize that he needs to allow Yana feel that she has control. 

There's a fine line between managing someone and forcing them. Lucious needs to learn to speak to Yana as an artist about her thoughts on decisions that need to be made. That will allow them to move forward. 

Becky was taught by Lucious, so she was the only character who was being written in line with her arc throughout the series. Her pursuit of good things for Yana was a sweet because it highlighted her growth. 

Andre or Kingsley? - Empire Season 6 Episode 13

Porsha's promotion allowed her some much-needed screen time, but I loved how she recognized that Empire had changed to the point that people were making backhanded deals. 

Maya asked a lot of her by asking her to give her a record deal. They had a good relationship as friends, but people take advantage, and that's what Maya was doing. 

Lucious: What the hell is going on here? Your assistant tells me that you are setting up Yana's stage concept for the music weekly show? She's not ready for that.
Becky: I think it would be a really great way to get her ready for bigger venues.
Lucious: No, no, no. I completely disagree, Becky.
Becky: Oh, no, you don't have to agree. Yana's contract is with Bossy and that's me.
Yana: Hey, Lucious, I wanna do this.
Lucious: No, no you don't understand. I don't expect you to understand -- that's not your job. I mean, your job is to listen to the 30 years of experience I have in this business.
Becky: Ohhhh.
Lucious: And to follow my advice.
Becky: Like a good little girl, huh?
Lucious: Please, give me a minute.
Becky: You're good. I'm good.
Lucious: Yana is my artist.
Becky: And this is my label.
Lucious: Oh, you're going to play that game?
Becky: Oh no, I'm not playing any game. The thing is you spoke your peace and I heard you. I hope you felt heard, but at the end of the day, you know, I work for the artist. The artist look at me in my face, and told me that she was ready, and you know what? I believe her.

She wanted to skip some of the steps to become a star. Her singing voice is there, but I'm thankful Porsha stood up for herself and what the company should be doing. 

A promotion is something Porsha has been after since the early days of the show, but it was nice that she realized she wanted to find the people who worked their butts off to get to where they are. 

Andre -- or should I say Kingsley -- is desperately trying to cover himself after the drug incident at Leviticus, and I feel like he's going to continue growing closer to Maya. 

Porsha and Maya - Empire Season 6 Episode 13

It was about time Teri learned the truth about what was happening between her husband and son. Quincey was worried sick for his own well being, which is why he wanted to skip town. 

Teri should have done the same, but she's not going to leave her newborn with one of the most deranged men on TV. Teri needs to reach out to Cookie or Lucious before it's too late. 

Maybe she'll contact Hakeem, but the show doesn't act like he exists these days, so maybe she won't. 

"Come Undone" was another mediocre installment of this FOX drama. The series is limping to the finish line, and is not offering viewers anything new. 

We need more meaningful plots that are true to the characters as opposed to the drivel we're being given on a weekly basis. Yana continues to be the only strong point, and that's because she's new. 

Becky's Worrying Call - Empire Season 6 Episode 12

Everyone else is written terribly. 

What did you think of the sisters being part of the reason for Cookie's jail time? Are you tired of the way the characters are being written?

Hit the comments. 

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Come Undone Review

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Empire Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

I don't want to live on any more secrets or lies.


If you go digging up bones, something ugly always comes up.