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EVIL Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Rose 390

EVIL Review: Fear the Worst

On EVIL Season 1 Episode 4, the team evaluates a psychopathic 9-year-old boy, while Kisten's daughters get an annoying amount of screen time. Read on for our review.
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EVIL Season 1 Episode 3 Review: 3 Stars

EVIL Review: 3 Stars

On EVIL Season 1 Episode 3, the team assesses the possession of a high-strung theater producer, while Kristen and Towsend duke it out in the courtroom. Read our review.
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EVIL Season 1 Episode 2 Review: 177 Minutes

EVIL Review: Do You Believe in Miracles?

On EVIL Season 1 Episode 2, the team investigates a supposed miracle of a resurrected teenage girl that isn't at all what it seems. Read our review to find out more!
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Santa got high, now everything is funny. Someone had a gummy, he thought he might try. His mouth is so dry, his teeth are kind of itchy. How’d he ever get so high? Ho ho ho, just the taste of a yummy gummy. Ho ho ho, yummy yum in my rummy tummy. Ho ho ho, gummy gum, tummy, funny gummy. Oh god everybody knows.

Pudsy’s Christmas

Acosta: The Church has a backlog of about 500,000 requests for exorcisms and miracle appraisals, and my colleague Ben and I are hired by the Church to investigate unexplained phenomenon and recommend whether there should be an exorcism or further research.
Kristen: I didn’t know that was a job.
Acosta: It is.