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On this episode of Fairly Legal:

- Kate is called upon to mediate a dispute between Bobby, the star of a TV cooking show “Burnin’ with Bo” and the company producing his barbeque sauce.  Kate quickly realizes there are bigger issues than getting the sauce right.

- Beth, Bobby’s assistant has been feeding him the recipes and stories of her childhood.  Unfortunately, Beth’s abusive father Bo shows up and wants money and a piece of the show.

- When Bo threatens Beth, Kate has to pull out a fake gun to get him to leave.  Later Kate and Beth get Bo to admit to his extortion on tape.  Kate also finds out that Bo jumped bail on an unrelated charge.  The police are called and Bo is arrested.

- Lauren runs into Teddy’s client Lou.  Lou fires Reed & Reed.  Lauren tries to win back his business but Lou says he’ll never have a girl lawyer.  Lauren is furious and tells Lou he’s the one who is fired but she later admits to Spencer that she is determined to get the business back.

- The DA pushes Justin to file felony charges against a man who broke into his neighbor’s home but stole nothing.  The neighbor is a rich woman with political connections.  With two previous felony convictions from his youth, a third charge would warrant a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

- After reviewing the case, Justin decides that this case is a misdemeanor not a felony.  His boss is furious.

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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Bo: I think Katie's right.
Kate: Kate, my name's Kate.

Have you ever heard the saying it takes sugar to get honey. If you use venom you will get venom.