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Chris is mocked at high school for his off-brand shoes. So, in order to buy some better ones, he steals money from Lois’ purse, but Meg catches him. She makes him do chores and other work in exchange for not telling their parents. However, he gets fed up of it, and runs away to Herbert’s house. However, Herbert gets sick of him being a slob and Chris leaves, while Meg finds him, saying that hse regretted scaring him away and that they need to stick together because both of their lives aren’t that great.

Meanwhile, Stewie gets in to the music of Anne Murray, and convinces a skeptical Brian to enjoy it as well. When they disagree over the meaning of a song, they go straight to Anne Murray to figure out what it means, but when she reveals to Stewie that she doesn’t write her own songs, he overreacts and ties her up.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 13 Quotes

Chris: Mom, Dad, I need to get new sneakers.
Lois: What? I just bought you new sneakers!
Chris: I know, but I need cooler ones!
Peter: Shut up and stop complaining. When I was your age, I didn't even have sneakers! We wore stale hamburger buns.
Lois: No you didn't, Peter.
Peter: Shh! He doesn't know that, he's just a dumb fat loser! Did you see his shoes?

Oh, of all the years to be trim and well-hatted.