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Peter's sick, and it gives him a deep, gravelly voice that Lois finds irresistible  When he gets it back, Lois doesn't find it so attractive, so Peter tries to get sick again. He just winds up in the hospital instead of getting his raspy voice back, so he dispatches Lois to compete on his bowling team for him. She ends up being an able replacement, as she helps Joe and Quagmire win. The three of them hang out afterward, and it turns out Lois is a better fit with the gang than Peter, though he starts to feel left out. Lois gives up her new friendships to make her husband happy.

Meanwhile, Stewie loses his teddy bear Rupert due to a factory recall, and the replacement stuffed giraffe he's sent doesn't make him as happy. So he and Brian go to the factory he was recalled to, and they save Rupert from being burned. Stewie hugs Rupert when he gets home, but the bear's eyes pop out, choking Stewie to death - the exact thing the bears were recalled for.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 18 Quotes

For those of you who turned out to see my stand-up comedy debut at Zany's last night, I again apologize for what I said about Moroccans.

Tom Tucker

Lois: Peter, what happened to your voice? It's so deep!
Peter: I think I'm sick.
Lois: Well, you don't sound like yourself. In fact, you sound kinda hot!
Peter: I just threw up two chicken gyros out the side of my nose, they're on your side of the bed.
Lois: Ohhhh...say that again!