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Peter and the gang are playing in a beer league softball game representing their bar, The Drunken Clam, when calamity strikes: Horace is killed when a comebacker hit by Jerome gets him in the head. Peter, Joe, and Quagmire mourn his loss and try to find a new bar to go to, but fail to do so, ending up back at the closed-down Clam. The bar is scheduled for demolition when they make their last stand, finding out that Jerome has bought the bar, saving the Clam for the gang to drink at some more.

Meanwhile, Meg gets a job at the funeral home helping to prepare dead bodies. Chris gets involved, but winds up stealing a corpse that he loses. Meg demands that he replace him by lying in a casket at the man's funeral, but Chris winds up losing his face because the man was an organ donor, and his face was used for the transplant.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 19 Quotes

Quagmire: What the hell? Jerome's on your team?
Mort Goldman: That's right! We got to know each other while I was following him around my store!

There's nothing an un-stretched, middle-age body likes more than explosive movement.