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Peter, Joe and Quagmire take up a new hobby: skydiving. Peter gets addicted to it until he winds up in an accident where he impales his butt on a building. While in the hospital, he befriends a Muslim man named Mamoud. Peter starts taking to Muslim culture, eventually converting to the religion. However, he soon realizes that Mamoud is a terrorist working to blow up the Quahog Bridge. Joe and Quagmire outfit him with a wire to try and get details on the attack, but Peter gets found out, and the attack is on immediately. Joe is able to stop Mamoud right before he blows up the bridge with Peter in the van. Everyone is okay and plan to go to the Clam to unwind, but Peter winds up accidentally blowing up the bridge anyway when he calls the bar to get their drinks ready.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 15 Quotes

Peter: Can I listen to my iPod on the way down?
Skydiving Instructor: Yeah, just as long as it's not Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'."

Peter: I have two ideas. One that I think is awesome and one that I think is stupid. We could either A: rob a Mafia poker game, or B: skydive
Joe: Skydive? I'd be totally up for that!
Quagmire: Yeah, I've always wanted to try skydiving!
Peter: Really? Eh, could be fun I guess.