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The gang sits at the bar like usual, watching a commercial for "Outback Steakhouse: Extreme" -- a restaurant made for fat people. Quagmire and Peter agree that Australia is beautiful. 

This triggers an argument between Joe and Quagmire about their favorite oceans, and what's the ocean in general. A small scuffle breaks out, but Cleveland is able to the disarm the situation with just his words, and his "pretty lips." Peter is astonished by this feat, and tells Cleveland should be making money off of this talent. 

Cleveland says that its just a a few catchphrases and vocal tones, but goes ahead and opens up an office to become a therapist, in hopes of making a bunch of money off of sad people. 

His first client is the Mayor himself, whom he correctly diagnosis as a sociopath. However, it doesn't seem as if the Mayor really cares.

Quagmire gets Meg a job at the airport, and she turns out to be a stud at the position. She is not only the most attractive person of either gender, she is a natural at the "bored Fascism" that the airport tries to follow. Their goals are to make lines longer and slower, as well as anally violate anyone they don't like. 

When Lois starts giving Peter an earful, he suggests that the problem lies within her and that she visit Cleveland's office for a session. She's hesitant at first, thinking Cleveland would just side with her friend, but she decides to go ahead with it. 

Peter meets them at the office, and thinks that Cleveland is about to side with him and "dope up" his wife. However, Cleveland says that Peter himself is the problem. Lois seems to agree, and says that Peter needs to do more to help around the house, and be a more responsible husband. 

She starts by making him watching the laundry spin like she does. She then tries to go golfing with Peter, but ruins the "fun" hobby for him. 

Meg gets hit on, and has a date for the weekend. She starts to get on the nerves of Marla, one of the less attractive female employees. 

Peter gets mad that Cleveland is telling his wife things, and says that he's going to do the same by telling Cleveland's wife that he slept with that hooker at his bachelor party. Cleveland is shocked by that threat and runs home.

Lois confronts Peter about Cleveland's disappearance, and Peter owns up to his threats directed at his friend/his wife's therapist. Lois makes him promise to bring Cleveland back. 

Meg has a showdown with Marla.

Peter takes his friends mini-golfing rather than on a search for Cleveland. 

Meg is fired because Marla frames her for theft.

Joe, Quagmire, and Peter ask for clues to find their friend, and hints pop up on the screen. One of them points out the absence of Brian in this episode, and even asks if viewers miss him. 

Peter asks Meg what she did the past weekend, just to call for credits and end the show. 

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Whew, I was damn near out of tweed.


I'm an idiot? All anyone remembers from your argument is that you're in a wheelchair!