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Stewie's preschool teacher suggests that he be medicated.

Peter and the guys make a dinner date for Saturday night at Quagmire's so he can prove how good of a cook he is after he berates the Clam's new Korean Tacos.

Lois takes Stewie to see Dr. Hartman who promptly prescribes him some ADHD medication.

The meal Quagmire prepared looks so good the gang convinces him to audition for a local cooking show that just lost its host.

Brian becomes concerned that Stewie is too young for medication until he finds out that it makes you productive then he takes it himself so that he can get more writing done.

Peter accompanies Quagmire on his audition for moral support but impresses the station so much that they want them as a team. He hijacks the show from Quagmire with his antics, who becomes enraged and fires him. The station loves Peter so much, though, that they offer him his own show.

Brian is so high on Stewie's medication that he builds a massive model village in the basement which he has also written a 2000 page novel about.

Peter debuts his much more wacky show, Butter Sluts, which makes Quagmire furious so he threatens to quit if Peter does not. The station decides they must have a cook off using a secret ingredient.

Brian and Stewie decide to go to Hartford to meet George R.R. Martin at a book fair. Brian pitches George his novel idea, but he hates it, and tells Brian he knows that he was on medication when he wrote it. Brian and Stewie decide they no longer need medication.

Quagmire throws in the towel during the cook off after his assistant, Joe, proves useless and the secret ingredient turns out to be butter, Peter's specialty. Peter feels bad and eats all of the food he had prepared so that Quagmire can win, but after all of the stress, he decides that he doesn't really want his own cooking show after all.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 1 Quotes

Hey? You up? Guess where I have a crayon?

Stewie (seductively to a little girl at nap time in school)

Ugggh! This tastes like Ani DiFranco after a bike ride!

Quagmire (referencing an awful Korean Taco)