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Peter and the guys are at the Drunken Clam talking about upcoming Father's Day when Peter says he knows something about everybody's dad, except Joe's.

Joe tells the guys he hasn't spoken to his dad in years.  He doesn't know where his dad is.

While Joe's gone, Peter decides they are going to track him down.. Cleveland thinks its a great idea. Peter reminisces about his breakup rodeo clown days.

Doctor Hartman tells Lois that Stewie's expected adult height is going to be 5'1. Both she and Stewie are shocked. Stewie is upset, fearing he's going to be and outcast like Rudolph, the Uncircumsized Reindeer.

Back at the Clam, Peter shares with Cleveland and Quagmire about finding Joe's dad who is planning to come out the next day. Quagmire reminds Peter that this is a surprise. Peter claims he is great at keeping secrets, but then recalls when he was an OBGYN.

Joe shows up and Peter, as expected, lets the surprise slip. Joe is not happy about the news and tells the guys that his dad won't be happy to see him because he's handicapped. He begs the guys to tell his dad not to come, but it's too late.

Brian takes Stewie clothes shopping to cheer him up. Stewie meets Tom Cruise.

Stewie asks Cruise if it bothers him being short. Cruise tells Stewie how he chooses not to be short and invites Stewie to spend the day with him.

At Joe's house, Peter shows Bonnie the plan to fool Joe's dad using a horse. It doesn't work and the horse runs away. Cleveland thinks Joe should just tell his dad about his handicap, but Joe insists he can't. Peter comes up with a new idea that he and Joe will switch places.

Quagmire helps Peter gets dressed up like Joe.

Stewie and Tom Cruise spend the day together.

Peter and Bonnie greet Joe's dad when he shows up. At Peter's house, everyone (including Joe) get ready to go out for Father's Day dinner. They leave the house as Peter and Bud come up the driveway in Joe's police car. Bud sees Joe and starts making fun of him as Lois and the kids try to get him in the car.

Stewie tells Brian about his day with Tom Cruise. Dr. Hartman calls and tells Lois Stewie isn't going to be short after all. Stewie is excited. Lois tells Brian they need to to to Meg's birthday party. 

Cruise shows up at Stewie's house, but Stewie tells him that he doesn't need to hang out with him anymore because he's going to be tall. Tom Cruise is not happy and threatens him. Stewie shuts the door on him.

Joe is sharing details about his parapalegic life with the Griffins when Peter shows up and tells them that everything has been going great with Bud and that Bud is moving in with him and Bonnie.

Joe is not happy. Peter tells him to tell his dad about his handicap. Joe says no and Peter leaves to have more fun with his new "dad."

At preschool, Stewie is playing parachute when Tiny Tom Cruise shows up. He threatens him, again. He runs home and tells Brian that Tom Cruise is stalking him. He begs Brian for help.

Peter asks "dad" to play catch. Bud is happy about reconnecting. When they go outside they see Joe trying to take out the garbage. When the garbage spills all over, Bud makes some rude comments and tells Peter to tell Joe to go back inside. Joe is fed up. They fight. Joe wins. 

As his dad watches, Joe tells his dad the truth. He tells his dad that he hasn't talked to him because he was afraid to. Bud explains why he dislikes the handicapped. They make up.

Stewie and Brian are at the park. Brian pretends to run away, while Stewie calls for help. Tom Cruise shows up to help and chases after Brian, who catches him in a Zappos shoe box and return him. 

At the Drunken Clam, Joe thanks Peter for helping him reconnect with his dad.  

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 2 Quotes

You know, it's times like this where I think if I didn't talk and you were a normal baby, we wouldn't have any of these problems.


Tom Cruise: Nobody walks away from tiny Tom Cruise.
Stewie: Yeah, except for all three of your wives.