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Opening TV Cutaway - NBA on TNT on LSD

Lois is going is going on a spa day with Babs. Carter is going to spend the day with Peter, who isn't looking forward to it. When Peter asks why, Lois explains what Carter did last time Babs left him alone.

Cutaway to Carter rearranging furniture.

Peter compares spending the day with Carter as the same as eating at a ballpark.

Cutaway to Peter ordering food at ballpark.

Meg has friends over and Brian is listening through the door. He goes into Stewie's room and complains. Stewie is writing an email to Delta Airlines about crying on the plane. Meg comes in and asks Brian to take her and her friends to field hockey practice. Brian doesn't want to, but Stewie tells him that will get them out of the house. Brian agrees.

Ants at a picnic cutaway.

Carter and Peter are sitting on the couch trying to decide what to do. Peter obsesses about being alone, and he and Carter end up in the bathtub together eating pizza.

They are back on the couch and talk about the weirdness of what they just did. Then Peter suggests looking at Internet porn, which Carter thinks is strange. Peter just decides to show Carter a YouTube video.

Carter thinks it's funny and decides to email it to Babs. When he checks his email, he finds he's gotten an email from a Nigerian prince who says if he sends him money, he'll give him a million dollars.

Peter encourages him to send the money, and he does.

Wedding day cutaway.

Brian drops Meg and friends off at the school. Someone forgot to bring in their bag, so Brian brings it in, and walks into the girls' locker room. He sees girls in various stages of undress, then sees one girl who has a nice body. It's Meg's friend Patty. Brian is excited, then leaves the locker room.

Cutaway to Joe as a clown.

Lois and Babs return from their spa day. Carter tells her he sent money to Africa. Lois tells him it was a scam. Carter is angry and when Lois and Babs leave to put lotion on their bikini wax areas, he tells Peter they are going to Africa to get his money back.

Peter as a nun cutaway.

Peter is watching TV. Kevin James is on. Carter comes to pick him up. He tells Lois they are going away for a few days.

Brian is telling Stewie about Patty. Meg comes in and he starts asking questions about Patty.

Stewie at gay club cutaway.

Peter and Carter are driving through Africa and come across a warlord holding children hostages. Joke about Alonzo "Hamburger" Jones.

Brian runs into Meg and friends at the mall. He asks Patty to come to Panda Express with him. Meg pulls Brian to the side. She's appalled that he is hitting on Patty.

Peter and Carter are taken captive by the warlord's men and put into prison.

When the warlord finds out that Carter was the one who sent the money, he releases them, and shows him all the improvements he made to the village with the money.

Carter is angry and demands that everything be torn down. Peter argues with him, but Carter won't listen.

Brian is picking up Patty at school for a date. He is dressed like a teenager.

At the village, the warlord's men are tearing everything down. Peter is still arguing with him and he tells the militants that he'll give them $5000 to lock up Peter. They lock up Peter.

Peter starts working on a memoir. When he's done he gives it to a monkey, who takes it to a French flight attendant who distributes it across the world. The story is featured on the news in Quahog. Lois is watching. She goes to Africa to save Peter.

Brian and Patty are on the hood of his car, watching stars. Meg shows up and takes Patty away. Two stars talk about what they wished for. Neil deGrasse Tyson tells the audience about the truth of cutaway.

Paul Simon parody song about Peter's imprisonment.

Lois arrives in Africa just in time. Peter is about to be shot by militants. She convinces Carter to let him go, and asks why her father has been so mean. He says that he doesn't like that he can't be left home alone. She convinces him to give money back so they can rebuild everything he told them to tear down. He agrees.

Peter takes a photo with villagers to post on Facebook about what a great guy he is.

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 12 Quotes

Not everyone can be as fascinating as you, Brian.


Spending the day with him is going to be worse than eating at a ballpark.