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Peter complains about Family Guy never winning an Emmy. He says they're going to do quality television this hour and says to get all their farts and pukes out now.

They start with a For Your Consideration: Modern Family Guy Best Comedy.

Sofia Vergaro is in the kitchen. She's the new Lois. Lois plays a UPS delivery driver.  Peter ordered a dress to be "transparent.."

Peter and Stewie talk about gender reassignment surgery. Peter goes to Chris' room and he's somebody from Big Bang Theory. Peter runs into Louis C.K. then the Drunken Clam to tell the guys he's going to have a sex change operation.

Peter is at the hospital to have his surgery, but it's all a ruse to win the Emmy. Dr. Harman doesn't understand and goes after Peter to perform the surgery anyway.

Peter is on the phone and finds out the game was given a Negative-Emmy. Then he thinks the show can fit into the drama category. They go int oa Breaking Bad spoof. Cutaway to Downtown Abbey spoof.

Over to Quagmire bringing up the Sopranos and they go to a black screen before they continue. And then they get to a Game of Thrones spoof with the dragon. Switch over to a couple watching who talk about diversity in television and the girl ends up being married to a dragon. 

Griffin gets a telegram from the Emmy board telling Peter to stop. Peter decides to try for every Emmy category to win an Emmy. Guest appearance by Bill Maher. He convinces Peter there's a conspiracy against Family Guy. 

Peter gets home and talks to Lois about the same people and shows winning year after year after year. He thinks it's a secret society. Lois tells him that the secret society is there to see him. They tell him why he can't ever win an Emmy because his show is so stupid and isn't diverse. He gets called out for having white people voice black characters.

The family is back on the coach and cuts away to Ty Burrell getting an Emmy for choking a rubber chicken.







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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 1 Quotes

Griffins let's make this an Emmy-winning episode, so get all your pukes and farts out now.


Peter: Family Guy has been around since 1999 and whenever it's time for the Emmy's they never give us one. I'm sick of it.
Lois: Well, I'm not making another episode with The Simpsons. What did that get us? I'll tell you what that got us. More ink for The Simpsons.