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Death grants Peter's wish to go back to 1984, when he was 18, for one night.  Peter stands up Lois on a date and ends up going out with an actress.  In present times, Peter realizes he's now married to the former actress and Quagmire is married to Lois.  Chris, Meg and Stewie still exist, but they've taken on Quagmire's distinguishing characteristics.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Lois: Peter used to be so passionate, but now he doesn't seem to be interested in me.
Quagmire: Lois, if I may, Peter doesn't you. As a friend, I think you deserve to be with someone who knows how to be a gentleman.
Lois: Oh, Glen. You're so sweet. (They embrace) Something's poking me.
Quagmire: It's alright. It's just my wang.

Lois: Peter, what are you doing?
Peter: I love you, Lois Pewterschmidt! And I won't let Quagmire, or any man, she-male, robot, or sentient robot, curious about it's own existence keep us apart!