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After blowing off his fingers with some fireworks, Peter can't get all his work done.  Lois comes to the brewery to help him out and soon Peter must sexually harass her to get things back to normal.  Meanwhile, Stewie discovers that Brian is dating Jillian, an attractive, but dumb woman.  He convinces Brian to break up with her, but Brian ends up just sleeping with her again.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Stewie: I say Jillian this lemonade is delicious.
Jillian: I know! Its good right? I just wish they didn't have to kill so many lemons to make it.

(On the phone with Cleveland) So wait, Duprey moves in with Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon? But there newlyweds right? Well thats no time to have a house guest!