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Bonnie and Lois go on a girl's trip to Paris, only for Lois to find out that Bonnie intends to have an affair in the city of love.  Despite Lois's best efforts to dissuade Bonnie, Bonnie finds a suave French counterpart to Joe: a handicapped Frenchman.  When Bonnie decides to stay behind in Paris, Lois calls Joe, who flies over to Paris to win his wife back.

When Peter is left in charge of his kids, he becomes worried about the outbreak of "goat flu" and pulls Meg and Chris from school.  His "cool" methods of teaching have no effect on Meg and Chris and he decides to send them back once he realizes that they've learned nothing from him.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 17 Quotes

Quagmire: So, do you guys not do the anal probe thing anymore?
Alien: No, that's more of less been retired.
Quagmire: I see, I see...do you guys still have the thing?

Joe hates to fly because they always put him underneath with the dogs