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Ruby teases Elena about her relationship with Javier, egging her to make a real commitment and maybe get married. She extols the virtues of marriage.

Dolly and Dutch disembark the plane fighting. Elena points out to Ruby that the Paymers are here to celebrate their anniversary.

Both Dolly and Dutch seem to regret getting married young and so quickly. They want the Island to tell them whether they should stay together as empty nesters or if they’d be happier divorced.

Elena informs them they’ll be staying in separate suites while they’re on the Island. They both agree that makes sense but bicker all the way out.

Javier brings Helene a stuffed toy flamingo as a gift and instantly regrets it, saying it’s a kids gift. She reassures him that it’s fine. She names the flamingo Dave.

The Paymers settle into their respective suites. Dolly’s very relaxed, flinging her belongings everywhere. Dutch is very precise, organizing his clothes and medications.

Ruby knocks on Dutch’s door to collect his wedding ring. Roarke collects Dolly’s.

Javier comes and asks Ruby for some parenting advice. He asks her to be Helene’s young person friend so he can find out what his daughter needs him to be.

Dutch is having drinks at the bar when Dolly comes in to get a drink. He falls off his stool. Dolly rushes to his side and asks if anyone knows who he is.

They get to know each other, believing themselves strangers who are both recently divorced.

Elena and Javier share a dessert and a romantic evening, discussing his new role as a father.

Dutch and Dolly walk and talk until dawn, finding they really get each other. They kiss.

Ruby finds Helene by the pool, having been kicked out of her room by Housekeeping.

Dutch and Dolly go to see Elena to announce that they’re getting married. Elena cautions them that their first marriages happened quickly. She doesn’t want them to repeat that mistake. They are sure they’re fine. Elena agrees to throw the wedding.

Ruby asks Helene to help with the wedding preparations for the Paymers. She tries to engage Helene in young person conversation but Helene calls her bluff.

Ruby admits to her real age and Helene offers to get her in sync with her new age.

They grab a bottle from the bar and go for a walk and talk about their lives and the weird stuff like Javier and Roarke, and Ruby’s relationship with Gina.

Roarke officiates the wedding for Dolly and Dutch. The moment they put their rings on again, their memory of each other comes back. They accuse Roarke of playing with their marriage like it’s a game. Roarke denies this and transports them into the jungle where Andy Richter hosts a game show based on their relationship.

Helene confesses that she misses her mom and doesn’t know how to have a dad, especially one like Javier. Ruby advises her that since Javier wants to try, she should let him try and that she should put some effort into the relationship too.

The game show starts. The Paymers are asked questions about each other. Wrong answers cause them to sink into quicksand.

They sink very far very fast because they haven’t listened to each other or seen the truth of each other for a long time. Finally, Dutch confesses he wants out and they are transported back to the beach where the wedding was happening.

Elena goes to Javier to tell him about the little things she does that may drive him nuts. She wants them to keep the air clear between them so that it doesn’t pile up over the years. Javier picks up on that and she admits she sees a future with him.

Dolly is sitting stunned from learning Dutch wants out of their marriage. She waits for him to leave his suite and sneaks in.

Helene coaches Ruby through a drunk text to Gina. Ruby is so relieved to send it, she impulsively throws her wedding ring into the water. There are splashes out there she doesn’t understand but then she’s distracted by Helene who gushes at her and then throws up on the beach.

Dutch finds Dolly in his room. She’s holding his medication and asks him if he’s dying.

They go for a walk and discuss his heart condition. He asks her about the money she transferred and she admits she paid for a poetry writing retreat in Tuscany.

They admit they love each other and realize they need to see each other clearly.

Elena and Javier are having a romantic moment when she gets a text for both of them. They go and find Ruby and Helene passed out on the beach. Elena helps Ruby home, leaving Javier to nurse his daughter through her hangover.

As he tucks her in and sets up aspirin and a basket in case she’s sick again, she snuggles with the flamingo plushie and goes to sleep.

He sets up in her chair, promising to be there if she needs him. She mumbles, “Thanks, Dad.” He looks stunned.

Elena’s helping Ruby into bed when Javier texts to tell her that Helene called him Dad.

Elena and a hungover Ruby see the Paymers off at the dock.


Fantasy Island
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Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Ruby: Maybe you could use your time here getting to know each other again.
Dutch: Oh, we know each other.
Dolly: Oh, I know every thought, sound, and smell this man can make.

Roarke: Welcome to Fantasy Island, and happy anniversary! Thirty-four years!
Dutch: And it only feels like seventy.