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Abe is having a medical examination because he taking a new insurance plan. The nurse tries to talk Henry into joining, but he refuses.

A man is found dead with blunt force trauma to the head. The team haul his son, Eric in for questioning.

Adam returns and asks Abe to give Henry and platter to find out who it belonged to. Henry is horrified when it is one from his family.

In flashbacks we get to see Henry arguing with someone who says that his family business is part of the slave trade. An annoyed Henry questions his father who admits that he borrowed money with a high interest and they need to use the slaves.

Henry's father is dying and gives him the watch, which has been passed down the generations.

Adam meets Henry tells Henry that the nazi's experimented on his body after finding out he was immortal. In flashbacks we see this as they cut him open.

Adam kills Julian and gives Abe a journal about his long lost family. Abe and Henry go to see if they can locate anything from his family and are shocked to get a picture of his mum and dad.

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