Futurama Season 2

"Anthology of Interest 1"

Professor Farnsworth creates a "what if" machine that everyone asks questions to and receives a video response to their question. Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Nichelle Nichols show up to help when their "What ifs" go wrong.

"Mother's Day"

On Mother's Day, the robots give presents to the founder of Mom's Friendly Robot Company. Their mom then tells the robots to start a revolution

"The Problem with Popplers"

The gang lands on an undiscovered planet and find their inhabitants, the "popplers" to be a tasty treat.

"Bender Gets Made"

Bender cannot pay for a meal he bought, so he pays it off by working in the back of the restaurant. While working, he meets a secret robot mafia

"The Deep South"

When the gang goes fishing, Bender catches something which causes the entire ship to sink. Once in the water, they find a sunken city inhabited by mermaids

"A Clone of My Own"

Professor Farnsworth turns 150 and still doesn't want to retire. To get more out of life, he creates a 12 year old clone of himself, Cubert.

"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back"

Planet Express' bureaucrat, Hermes, is sent on vacation due to him being stressed over working hard. Morgan Proctor takes his place in the office and begins a romantic relationship with Fry.

"A Bicyclops Built for Two"

Leela finds out that she is not that last cyclops in the universe, and wants to meet up with a cyclops named Alkazar.

"Raging Bender"

Bender gets into a fight at the movies, and gets discovered for his fighting skills. He then joins the Ultimate Robot Fighting League.

"The Lesser of Two Evils"

Fry runs over a robot, Flexo, who is of the same kind as Bender. Fry thinks that he is evil and stolen a valuable atom.

"Put Your Head on My Shoulders"

Fry likes Amy, but she becomes too serious about them dating. Fry wants space, but gets into a car accident, which detaches his head from his body.

"Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love"

It's Zoidberg's mating season. The gang accompany him to his home planet to help him find a mate. The woman he tries to woo ends up wanting Fry. The boys duel, until mating season is over, and they find out that the members of Zoidberg's species die after mating.

"Xmas Story"

Fry wants an old fashion 20th century "ex-mas". He goes to the city to buy presents, but him and Leela are soon chased by the robotic Santa Claus made in 2801

"A Head in the Polls"

Two identical clones run for president of Earth. The price of titanium skyrockets, so Bender sells his 40% titanium body. Richard Nixon's head makes Bender realize life stinks without a body,

"Brannigan, Begin Again"

After Zapp and Kif are discharged for destroying the new DOOP headquarters, they get jobs working at Planet Express. Zapp convinces Fry and Bender to help him lead a mutiny against Leela.

"I Second That Emotion"

When Bender becomes jealous at Bender's birthday party, he flushes the guy down the toilet. The Professor gives Bender an empathy chip so he can feel Leela's emotions.

"Fry and the Slurm Factory"

Fry wins a contest that allows the entire Planet Express crew to visit the Slurm factory, but the crew soon learns the product is just the secretion of a giant worm. Gross.

"When Aliens Attack"

Earth is invaded by aliens from Omicron Persei 8, who have a single demand: to watch the episode of Single Female Lawyer Fry interrupted the broadcast of back in 1999.

"Mars University"

Fry attends Mars University and his roommate is Guenter, a monkey who is made intelligent by a hat created by Farnsworth.

"A Flight to Remember"

The Planet Express cruise takes a luxury cruise on the biggest ship ever created, The Titanic with Zapp Brannigan as captain. You can see where this is going.

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Futurama Season 2 Quotes

Fry: People, I won't let you enter. Popplers are as intelligent as you or me.
Man: You, maybe!

Give it to me straight, Professor. Is it fin rot? It's fin rot, isn't it? Tell me it's not fin rot!