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During New New York’s Parade of Parade’s Day Fry saves a human, but sacrifices a robot to do so. Bender feels that robot life is just as valuable as a human life and proceeds to kill himself.

No one believes he’ll actually go through with it until his coffin is delivered by DeadEx.

Bender is in limbo between robot heaven and robot hell. To get his body back he makes a deal with the Devil Bot to scare Fry to death. Bender is almost successful, haunting Fry to the point of near death.

Fry’s doctor suggests he head to Amish Planet. Bender follows him after he hears Fry say how much he misses his best friend. The Devil Bot finds out and head to Amish land where he’s almost successful in killing Fry. Bender takes over Devil Bot’s body and saves Fry’s life.

Bender is sent to Robot Heaven for this good deed and proceeds to get kicked out back to Earth and gets his body back.

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Futurama Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

It sure was nice of the Mayor's Wife to have sex with me.


Dr. Zoidberg: Hey look, a fog is coming in.
Conrad: Oh, no that's just the Jamaican pride float.