Futurama Review: Do All Robots Go To Heaven?

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Because Bender is my favorite character, I absolutely loved "Ghost in the Machines."

I’ve always had a rather odd fascination with Futurama’s Suicide Booths (don’t be alarmed, I am a stable human being) and I was really happy to see them make a comeback in this episode. The fact that the they were Bender’s ex made things even better, “but it won’t be suicide. It’ll be murder!”

From Ghost in the Machines

My favorite part of the episode was easily Bender’s corpse being delivered by a DeadEx truck. It was a wonderful example of the type of joke Futurama excels at: take something we all know and love, spin it for the future, and maybe make it a little gruesome. And I might have lost it with the jingle.

Overall, there wasn’t anything about “Ghost in the Machines” that I didn’t enjoy. The last third of the installment was a little rushed, but it didn’t detract from anything.

Below, I've listed the best Futurama quotes from a strong half hour:

Devil Bot: Fry's dead you say? Funny, that's not what it says on his Wikipedia page!
Bender: Survived the heart attack?! Damn you Obamacare! | permalink
Fry: A robot ghost? What robot would want to haunt me?
Bender: Me dumbass! | permalink
Fry: All I know is I've got a ghost that needs busting.
Conrad: Who ya gonna call?
Fry: Ghost-
Operator: -The number you have dialed has been lame since 1989. | permalink
Fry: Help! I was attacked in my bathroom by my bathroom! I'm being haunted by a ghost! | permalink
Conrad: The last time you went to the suicide booth you ended up dating her for six months. | permalink

Ghost in the Machines Review

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Futurama Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

It sure was nice of the Mayor's Wife to have sex with me.


Dr. Zoidberg: Hey look, a fog is coming in.
Conrad: Oh, no that's just the Jamaican pride float.