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The Finer family accompanies Ali to a doctor appointment where they learn that she may qualify for a drug trial.

Miles is excited for his sister and hopes the God Account will help her secure a spot. But things take a turn when his Friend Suggestion, a young woman named Kylie who is pursuing a career in music, gets into a fight with her mother, who doesn't want to let her go on tour. 

Miles recognizes Tammy as the head of the drug trial. 

Tammy is upset that Miles is getting involved with her family drama and assumes he's trying to play the role of a "good samaritan" so that he can help his sister. 

Miles assures her he doesn't want anything in return. Tammy reveals that she doesn't want Kylie to go on tour because she's scared her daughter will end up like her sister, Grace, a musician who overdosed and died. 

Miles meets with Kylie and her manager, Alex, and relies on his relationship with his father to suggest that she do something "extreme."

Unfortunately, the "extreme" happens to be Kylie filing for emancipation, which Tammy assumes Miles is responsible for. 

Miles tries to talk Kylie out of it when Tammy arrives at the record store to tell her daughter she had a change of heart and will allow her to go on tour under one condition -- Alex is not her manager anymore. Tammy learned that Alex's partner helped file the emancipation. 

Miles can't seem to understand why Tammy credited him with changing her mind when the last time they spoke, she was furious with him. 

He talks to Arthur and Trish about it, and Trish reveals that she knew Grace when she performed at the Blue Danube. 

She pulls out a photo of Grace and Tammy and Miles realizes what he's been missing all along -- Kylie is Grace's daughter. 

He goes to the hospital and sees Alex leaving. Tammy informs him that the manager found the same information he did and threatened to blackmail her with it unless Tammy allowed her to be the manager again. 

Miles refuses to allow this kind of manipulation and encourages Tammy to come clean to Kylie. 

She tells Kylie at the record store, and understandably, Kylie is furious. 

Alex tries to use this as an opportunity to encourage her client to "take control of her career," but Miles tells Kylie that Alex knew the truth too. 

Kylie feels betrayed by everyone and promises to go through with the emancipation after all. 

Miles feels terrible and keeps digging until he realizes the truth about why Tammy kept it a secret. 

He stops Kylie and Tammy on their way to the court hearing and convinces Tammy to tell her daughter the truth -- Grace didn't want the baby because she only cared about her career. She asked Tammy to take the child, and she did. 

Kylie forgives her mother and they move forward. 

Meanwhile, Cara attempts to set up a chat with Corey Smith by any means necessary. 

She blackmails his mother and threatens to go live with the store if Corey rejects the meeting. When he sends a personal agent instead, Cara isn't shaken at all and stands her ground. 

Eventually, Corey agrees to a meeting at his mother's diner. 

The first question Miles asks him: "are you behind the God Account." 

Miles and Adam also have an awkward encounter as he gets suspicious as to why Cara keeps working with him. 

Adam confronts Cara and wonders if she's ever going to tell Miles. She says she will and promises to be all in on the relationship. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Miles: I think the God Account is trying to help Ali by sending Kylie as a Friend Suggestion.
Rakesh: Yeah, that makes sense. Fix Kylie’s problem and her mom can’t help but be grateful.

Arthur: Miles has been trying to figure out who is behind the God Account from the beginning. If he and Cara think Corey is behind it, they must have a good reason.
Marcia: So, you’re saying you won’t speak with them?
Arthur: No, I’m saying even if I did, it wouldn’t make any difference. Miles is not going to stop until he’s figured it out.