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It's wedding time on God Friended Me!

Trish and Arthur are getting ready to tie the knot, and it brings Trish's daughter, Julie, into town. 

During the rehearsal dinner, Trish introduces Arthur's children to her daughter and her daughter's husband, Sam, whom Miles recognizes from his morning run. 

He overheard Sam talking about finalizing a divorce, but Sam and Julie look very much in love. 

Miles gets sent a new friend suggestion that turns out to be Julie. 

He confronts Julie once Sam leaves about the divorce, and she's shocked he knows about it since they didn't tell anyone. 

She informs him that they had trouble conceiving and unsuccessful IVF attempts ripped their marriage apart. 

While Miles is preoccupied with Julie, Rakesh and Joy confront Alphonse, Arthur's friend from the army who they believe is behind the God Account. 

Alphonse agrees to a meeting with Rakesh and Joy and briefly chats with Miles to tell him he's a huge fan of the Millennial Prophet podcast. 

Miles and friends realize Julie is also a client of New York and Son's and get a glimpse of her medical records to determine that Julie wasn't drinking at the rehearsal party because she is pregnant. 

Miles and Cara confront her and again, she's shocked that they know since she didn't tell anyone. 

Trish overhears and is elated. She tells Julie that Sam will come around once he finds out he's a father, but Julie doesn't think so. 

She admits that she's been wracked with guilt since implanting the final embryo without Sam's permission.

She didn't think it would work, but it did, and it's not ideal since they are divorcing. 

They head over to the church for the rehearsal while Rakesh and Joy arrive for their meeting with Alphonse. 

Instead, they see Sam meeting up with another woman he is clearly romantically linked with. 

They call Miles and he breaks the news to Julia, who freaks out when she sees him. 

They get into a fight in the middle of the church and Julia confesses that she's pregnant. 

Sam is disappointed with her. Miles meets with him and learns that Sam accepted a job in San Francisco and was planning to follow his dreams following the divorce. 

He called and turned the job down because he's going to be a father. 

He informs Miles that he can never forgive Julie and in addition to their marriage being destroyed, their friendship is also. 

Miles realizes he has to help them salvage their decade-long friendship.

When he realizes that he saw Sam at the spot where they met as children, he knows all hope is not lost. 

Meanwhile, Miles accompanies Ali to her doctor's appointment where they confirm she has breast cancer. 

He offers support but is worried because he remembers his mother's fight with breast cancer. 

Everyone attends Trish and Arthur's wedding, which takes place at Harlem Episcopal.

Later, they all attend the reception upstate where Julie informs Sam that she called his company and accepted the job on his behalf. 

She also informs him that she will be moving to San Francisco because they're friends and team and will raise this baby together. 

Meanwhile, Miles tells Cara that he is ready to give up love if it means helping his sister and becoming the Prophet. 

He confronts Alphonse about being behind the God Account, but Alphonse has no idea what he's talking about. 

Miles reminds him that he knows he hacked his own company, but Alphonse denies doing that. 

Miles and friends realize that the hacker they met while inquiring about New York and Son's is quite possibly the man behind the account. 

They pay his apartment a visit, but he's gone.

All that's left behind is a queen of hearts card acknowledging that they were on the right trail. 

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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Because when I confront him, he’ll have no choice but to come clean.


Dude, Alphonse is here. I can’t believe we could be starring at the man behind the curtain.