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The ladies gather at the park during the time in which they were told the sniper would be killing Rio.

Annie enlists a friend to take the GED test for her in exchange for a cash fee.

Phoebe and Henry continue to look into the nail polish robbery.

Ruby and Stan prepare for a dinner with the parents of the girl whose kidney Sara received.

While Beth is celebrating Rio’s death, he turns up alive at her house. He asks her what she’s been doing with her share of the money, and when she refuses to tell him, he tells her that he can’t cut her in anymore.

The ladies go to see the sniper and follow him around town. When he confronts them, he tells them the contract has been voided because they never disclosed that Beth slept with Rio, and he doesn’t do jilted lovers.

The Hill’s have dinner with the donor family, and they find out the family isn’t doing well financially.

Beth comes up with a plan to open a hot tub store with Dean, as a means to launder money through.

Beth goes back to the sniper with payment, and he tells her to meet him the next day to kill Rio. At the meeting, he insists Beth tell him when to shoot and when she does, he shoots a paintball gun at the window of a car identical to Rio’s. Although Rio isn’t inside the car.

This act convinces the sniper she is ready, and he puts her back on the schedule.

Unable to pay for her friend to take the GED for her, Annie takes the test and fails. Dr. Cohen comes over and takes her for out for a drink, where he tells her that he proposed to Lila.

The mother in the donor family, Jenny, asks Ruby if she and Stan can buy her and her husband a car.

Phoebe and Henry hone in on Ruby after learning that she has just purchased a car in all cash.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Rio: What are we celebrating?
Beth: Nothing.

Beth: It'll be good to be normal again.
Annie: Be whatever we wanna be.
Ruby: Finally.
Annie: Dude.
Ruby: I just wanna be a good person again.