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Beth begins selling items from her home to re-pay Rhea, while a free Rio is reunited with Rhea and Marcus.

Annie, Gregg, and Nancy celebrate Ben’s debate performance. And Gregg and Nancy mention they are attending couples counseling and suggest that Annie could benefit from meeting with their therapist.

Ruby finds out that Turner has died and the ladies pay their respect to him at the crime scene. Soon thereafter, they decide to start making cash again.

Dean befriends a top seller at his hot tub job, and she invites him to dinner to meet potential clients.

Annie meets with whom she assumes is Gregg and Nancy’s therapist, Dr. Cohen, but is embarrassed to learn she meets the wrong doctor. Later, Annie goes back to and has a session with Dr. Cohen.

Beth asks one of the movers helping clear out items out of her house to help wash the counterfeit cash.

With Dean’s mother in town to help manage the household with Beth working, the two women clash.

The ladies arrange to meet up with the mover to collect the washed cash, but he informs them he’s not coming and keeping 100%. Later, Beth goes to the moving company and accuses the mover of stealing from her home and threatens to call his parole officer.

That evening the mover comes to Beth’s home and gives her the ladies share of the money.

After being unable to reach Rhea for a few days, Beth is pleased to hear from her and arranges for the two of them to meet for drinks. However, Rio shows up at the restaurant instead.


Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Nancy: And Dr. Cohen mentioned that you could possibly play a role in our healing.
Annie: Ew.
Gregg: Well, that's not really what he said exactly.
Nancy: Well, honey, he did say that she's the reason that you slipped up.
Annie: Excuse me?

Ruby: I hate how good we are at this.
Stan: I know. Bill roulette.