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Beth tells the ladies that she took 10% off the top of Rio’s money for them to pay their bills.

Annie continues her sessions with Dr. Cohen, and he tells her that she’s adrift and needs to find her port.

Krystal pays Stan for a private party he provided security for. Later, Stan witnesses an argument between Krista and a man who says she stole from him. Stan realizes this is where his money came from.

Dean tells Beth about his run-in with Max at the vet, and the ladies meet up with Max and tell him the truth about Lucy’s death. He says that he wants Rio dead, and he has a cousin that will do it for $30,000.

After failing to secure a loan through the checking cash place JT works at, the foursome devises a plan for JT to rob Annie’s store. The robbery is thwarted by a man making a delivery that day who pulls a gun on JT. Beth tries to talk the man into letting JT go, and when JT eventually makes a run for it, the man shoots and hits Ruby in the leg.

Annie helps secure Ruby’s leg and potentially saves her life.

Still wanting Rio dead, Beth helps teach Max how to shoot a gun. Later, the meet with Rio at a bar, telling him that Max is the ink guy who’s upselling the ink. Max fails to shoot Rio, and after apologizing to Beth, he asks for his bird back.

Stan comes up with a plan to rob more of Krystal's parties.

Annie looks into becoming an EMT.

Beth and Dean arrive home with the kids and find their house empty. A note from Rio tells her to never steal from him again.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Just cuz he's back, doesn't mean that you and I can't stay weird.

Beth [to Dean]

Hey criminals. No need to hide that.

Stan [to the girls]