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Rio takes Annie hostage and instructs Beth and Ruby to replace the cash they blew in order to get her back.

Dean snoops through Beth’s phone and belongings to get dirt on her but can’t find anything. He then tells Stan what he’s up to and asks him to pass any information he learns about Beth onto him.

Beth tries to get help from Nick, but he tries to go to the police, and Beth can’t risk it.

When Beth and Ruby go to the strip club, the door has been locked, and the club put in foreclosure. Stan gives them the money to pay the back taxes on the club, but a fellow Mom outbids them. Later, they pay an inspector to cite the club considerably so they can repurchase it.

Mick assaults a man while Annie watches and the following day visits a nursing home where the man works. When confronted by the police, Annie vouches for Mick so that he won’t get in trouble.

Ruby and Beth print the money, and Annie is released.

Stan meets with Dean and his buddies and tells them he has dirt on Beth.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Rio: You know how much of my money you left in that casino?
Ruby: All of it?
Rio: All of it. Guess we'll call it even.
Beth: I don't wanna be even.
Rio: She ain't worth much more than that.

Rio: Get your coat.
Annie: Why?
Rio: Cause you'll be cold.
Annie: Cold cuz I'm dead?
Rio: Your shoes, too.
Annie: My son's gonna be home any minute.
Rio: Mhm. We should probably hustle then, huh?
Annie: Gonna wonder where I am.
Rio: Yeah, that's kinda the point.