Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Family First

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It's Beth against the world.

Or a day that ends in Y for our main lady. She has a Judas living in her home and two brothers/cousins standing off in some twisted fight for her affection and expertise. Plus, her sister is kidnapped on Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12

So, yeah. It really is Beth against everybody.

Hand Full of Snacks - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12

There are only three episodes left of Good Girls forever. And while it's incredibly sad, there's still a lot of the season left to cover.

And we head into this final stretch with Rio making a pretty bold move.

Rio: You know how much of my money you left in that casino?
Ruby: All of it?
Rio: All of it. Guess we'll call it even.
Beth: I don't wanna be even.
Rio: She ain't worth much more than that.

Kidnapping Annie forced Beth and Ruby's hand because Rio knew that the ladies would do whatever they had to do to get her back. Even though it wouldn't make very much sense for Rio to kill Annie at this point, the ladies were in no position to call his bluff.

Rio has killed before, and it would have been foolish to think that he wouldn't hurt Annie if they didn't do exactly what he said.

Unlikely Duo - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12

Nick continues to be this weird bad vibe looming over the back half of Good Girls Season 4. He took an interest in Beth from the second they met and considering his history with Rio, it's becoming increasingly clear that he's basically out to steal her away.

Whether he's just trying to steal her away for business reasons or personal reasons became a little clearer tonight, and boy was it grimy listening to the two men discuss her like she was an object instead of a person.

And while the brother/cousins are playing nice right now, it's hard to see that lasting for much longer, especially if Beth and Nick continue to expand their relationship in whatever way that looks like.

We all know Beth and Rio have chemistry for days and that there will always be a simmering attraction bubbling right under the surface no matter what. But Beth has tried to kill the man and wanted to get him arrested, and yet he's still there buzzing around making sure that she's his.

Beth: He should have taken me.
Annie: He never will.

Every time Rio and Nick share screentime, there is immediate tension, and it's only going to get worse because ultimately Beth will either have to choose between the two, or they will make that decision for her.

Rio Demands - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12

But circling back to the kidnapping, even though Annie was in her usual amount of scenes, this felt like an Annie hour.

And the best Annie moment overall she wasn't even a part of.

In the four-plus seasons of Good Girls, how many times have we seen Beth and Ben together? It has to be a low number, and that's a shame because their two scenes together were lovely.

They are the two people who know Annie better than anyone. And while it's very easy to rag on Annie because she's a little unhinged and a hot mess 99% of the time, but she's also a person to love and a person you want to have in your corner.

Nick at Work - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12

Beth and Annie have the quintessential sibling bond. They argue, and they make up, and they do whatever they have to do to protect one another, but we've rarely Beth ever appreciate Annie for who she is.

Yes, she's wild and irresponsible and self-absorbed and reckless, but she's also a good person who loves fiercely and makes things fun. Her life is far from glitz and glamour, but Annie always does her best to have a good time.

It might not be something some people value, but when you exist in a perpetual loop of crap, that's the kind of person you want to have around.

Annie and Mick's day of adventure was a lot funnier than it had any right to be. They play off each other very well, and is it weird that it was endearing to see Annie help him instead of running or throwing him under the bus to the police?

Outing him to the police would have been a disaster, but she could have very well run away or just let the police do what they were going to do and kept her mouth shut. But Mick was sending a bad guy a message, and to Annie, that felt like a noble cause.

It's not like Mick is a "good" guy by any means (though who is on this show), but something is charming about him. And that's a strange thing to say about a man who barely speaks and kills on command.

But that's just the power of this show.

While the Beth and Ben pairing was enjoyable and touching, the pairing of Dean and Stan was anything but.

It's a wonder they didn't try to pair these two up more of the years, especially as they become more knowledgeable about what their spouses were doing. They could have started a support group or something way back when, and maybe it wouldn't have led them to the place they've found themselves at now.

Annie Calls - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12

There is something very shifty about the Brotherhood and Vance imparticular. They barely know Dean, yet they are bending over backward to help him bring down Beth. But why?

What's in it for them?

Stan is skeptical at first when Dean tries to bring him on board, but his hatred for Beth wins out in the end, and suddenly he's ready to co-captain the bus running her over.

In no universe does Dean out Beth and get himself off and somehow spare Ruby and Annie from the carnage. The three of them are way too interconnected, plus it's hard to think they would all let Beth do time for crimes that they have all had an equal hand in.

Sisterly Hug - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12

If Stan believes whatever he says will only stick to Beth, and he and his family will be living the dream and be free of Beth forever, he is sorely mistaken.

Maybe back in the early days of the series, I would have thought Stan was playing Dean and was actually trying to look out for Beth, but there is a slim to none chance of that happening.

So, Beth (and the ladies) are in trouble. And the saddest part of it all is they don't even realize that call is coming from inside their own houses.

Odds and Ends

Chilly Ice Cream Cone - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12
  • Annie may have been weirded out, but who doesn't like to lick the inside of an Oreo and dispose of the rest immediately?
  • There is no way that mom isn't coming back around to try and steal the strip club back. That was way too easy a fix for Beth and Ruby.
  • If Beth wants career advice from Nick, does that mean she's interested in politics? I would say she doesn't have any experience, but that has stopped literally no one ever.

These last few installments will be very bittersweet to cover, but here's hoping that the series concludes with a satisfying ending! While not the most exciting hour, this pushed the stories further and set us up for multiple clashes to come.

Motherly Touch - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12

Please drop a comment down below and let us know where you think things are headed!

Will Beth have to choose between the brother/cousins?

Will Dean and Stan turn on Beth for real?

Was Annie right to help Mick?

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Family First Review

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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Rio: You know how much of my money you left in that casino?
Ruby: All of it?
Rio: All of it. Guess we'll call it even.
Beth: I don't wanna be even.
Rio: She ain't worth much more than that.

Rio: Get your coat.
Annie: Why?
Rio: Cause you'll be cold.
Annie: Cold cuz I'm dead?
Rio: Your shoes, too.
Annie: My son's gonna be home any minute.
Rio: Mhm. We should probably hustle then, huh?
Annie: Gonna wonder where I am.
Rio: Yeah, that's kinda the point.