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The Coterie throws a party, but Callie is trying to focus on work. 

Mariana calls Jude to visit, and he's able to get Callie out to the party. She has the night off, but then a break in the Thompson case has Wilson calling everyone back to the office to put together an emergency bench memo. 

Callie doesn't get the call because she leaves her phone in the bathroom, and when someone finds it, Mariana takes it and hides it instead. 

Mariana and Callie discuss Gael's bisexuality and what it means. They see the guy Gael was with at the party with Gael. Callie bumps into him in the bathroom as well, and he's friendly enough. 

Callie asks Jude about what it could mean, but he assumes that she's talking about his love life at first and gets defensive. When Mariana tells him that it was for her own life, Jude finds Callie and has a conversation about bisexuality with her that puts her at ease and helps her understand. 

Later, she talks to Gael about it. She tells him that she doesn't have a problem with his sexuality, and later on, they make out in the pool together. 

When Callie realizes that she missed an important call, she texts Ben who tells her that he and Rebecca came in already and that Rebecca is putting together the memo. 

Mariana is upset that she keeps being excluded by her boss for the group outings after work. She invited them to the party, but they didn't come. Davia livestreams the party and calls Alex an asshole for not showing up, and Mariana freaks out when she notices that Alex saw it. 

She obsessively calls and texts Alex to make things right and apologize. 

Malika's brother stops by to visit and tell her that their mother is sick and wants to see her. She doesn't want to see her though. He blows up on her for calling CPS on their mother when they were young. 

Alice is excited about her best friend and ex-girlfriend's birthday. She's not over her, but Sumi ends up engaged and asks Alice to be her bridesmaid. 

Davia is celebrating being one of the top body positivity influencers by reading all of the trolls' comments. One stands out, and she later tells everyone that the troll is her mother. 



Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Rebecca: Everything OK?
Callie: Yeah, fine.
Rebecca: You sure? You seem kind of standoffish.
Callie: Just trying to get my work done, Rebecca.
Rebecca: If I said or did something -
Callie: It's clear you're the one with the problem.
Rebecca: I am?
Callie: Yeah, you're angry that the judge gave me the Jamal Thompson case.
Rebecca: Because I said you were the counter clerk? I was just stating the obvious.

Don't you think he should have told you that he was bisexual? If it was me, I would be super insecure dating a guy who is into both sexes. Knowing that I couldn't give him what another guy could? It would just drive me crazy!