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Callie finds out about Malika's arrest so she and Jamie go check on her. They let her know she could go to jail for a misdemeanor. She's worried. Mariana is still mad at her for leaving. Callie apologizes for leaving a note but doesnt say anything else.

Callie goes to talk to Wilson who doesnt want to give malika another chance after the last time. He gets a call that knocks him off his feet. His son has died and calli drives him to the scene. Tate overdosed.

Wilson remembers the last words he said to his son. They fought and he said he was ashamed of him. Wilson thanks callie for being their for him.

He also wants her help looking into who sold his son the drugs. Dealing withal of that Callie thought about reaching out to her sister but Jamie stepped up instead. He supports her and even called Jude.

Callie talks about the day their mother died. She makes jude promise not to do drugs. They have a sleepover.

Davia is being fat shamed by Jeff's ex wife online. She decides to make a clapback video that is body positive. Gael helps her. She inspires him to quit his job and pursue his art.

Mariana is forced to give up her project while she is investigated. Evan won't Sean to her. She eventually picks Raj to run her project which doesn't go over well with the Byte club. She thinks they might turn her in for the data breach.

She has to to back to work with Alex and Sam.

Malika wallows. She goes to Dennis and they get drunk and talk and play drums. Isaac is upset with her.

Davia decides to tell Dennis about her feelings and also talk to him again about how he lied to her about his ex wife. But when she knocks on the door Malika andwrs half asleep and Dennis is shirtless sleep in the bed. She assumes the worst

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Davia: I don't need you defending me. I thought you got that after my mother was here, but I am a proud fat bitch. So just stay off of my ex's ex's Instagram and go back to whatever emaciated 20-year-old you're hiding in there because I know it isn't Jennifer, OK? She told me that you signed the divorce papers.
Dennis: Is that all?
Davia: Yeah, Dennis. That's all

Look, I don't want my past with Lindsay to interfere with my future with you.