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  • The gang have a game night. 
  • Callie leaves with Tony for work stuff and Gael has to go for Yuri.
  • Callie, Tony, and Rowen reenact the timeline of the night of the murder to try to put holes through the proscutions argument after meeting with Tommy and his family.
  • Yuri spazzes out over Gael's rendition of Yuri's painting.
  • Gael invitesCallie to his art show with Yuri for moral support.Davia and Mariana both hype both of them up individually that it's a date.
  • Davia goes on a date with Matt. It's awkward and she gets texts from Dennis. She checks them only to see they're banal hike pictures.
  • Yuri actually hypes Gael up at the art gallery. 
  • Mariana and Alice go on a date so Mariana can teach Alice how be in the driver's seat.
  • Davia's date goes well and Matt is fantastic. He brings her home and teaches her to waltz, they have a moment and almost kiss but she has a flash of Dennis and pulls away which ends the date.
  • Gael makes connections at the art gallery and all is well but Yuri takes interest in Callie and wants her number.
  • Davia videocalls Dennis, and he says he was thinking about her and learning a new song.They sing a duet of Gravity.
  • Callie discovers that the security footage at the store is five minutes off and Tommy wasn't there at his friend's T.O.D.
  • Gael shows up early at Yuri's place and overhears people talking about the painting he did for Yuri. Yuri sold it for $50k,passing it off as his own and signed it.
  • Kelly is looking for a loft available for a friend and Alice spills that Dennis may be giving his up soon.
  • Davia apologizes to Matt for pulling away before and said she'd take it back if she could. He kisses her and she likes it.
  • Tony asks Callie about Jamie. She tells him it's over and she doesn't want to think about things. While Gael finally works up the nerve to text Callie and make a move, she's making out with Tony.
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Tony: Why do you think Tommy is innocent?
Callie: I don't know. Just my intuition.

Gael: Did I tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous tonight?
Callie: Did I tell you?