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  • Linsay and Alice attend their first day of workshop, and Alice already feels like an outsider.
  • The director running their inclusivity workshop is the opposite of inclusive and resorts to racist,sexist, transphobic etc jokes at their expenses. 
  • The Byte Club women try to plan what their next move is and Mariana is getting bombarded with gifts from Evan who is trying to win her back. 
  • She hasn't shared with the women that she's been dating Evan, and they're very anti-Speck at the moment. 
  • When they inquire about who has sent her floweres, she lies to the women and says that it's her birthday to avoid telling them that Evan sent her three-dozen roses (or maybe saying that her moms sent them to celebrate her going out on her own).
  • Callie and Yvonne, her single mother client, wait to meet up with the DA again, and he blows them off again, and tells them tha the doesn't have the time. He tells them that he'll cut Yvonne's fine and community hours in half for the trouble. 
  • Kathleen tells Callie that it's a BS offer and Callie shouldn't let Yvonne take the deal. 
  • They're there to talk to someone about Jerod's case. 
  • Davia hosts a meeting with the teachers/Equity Commitee, and they orchestrate a plan to addess some of the issues wth the school and howthey treat the students. They agree to stop sending the kids to the principal's office and instead send them to each other during their free periods for restorative justice. 
  • Davia is sent Andre and another boy and tries to get them to talk things through. 
  • She does hit it off with Matt, someone who encourages her and thinks she'll do well.
  • Callie is frustrated when Kathleen talks things over with Mark from the DA's office, and agrees that Jerod getting a year of jail for assaulting a guard is fair.
  • Alice is still having a weird time at the workshop. And the other participants make some observations about their leader, Scott. They also go get drinks together and think that Alice is the obvious choice for getting let go. She overhears it.
  • Davia obseves how Matt handles the kids during his time with them, and he has a hold on it much better. 
  • Gael is having a bout of being down on himself when one of his art friends has an gallery gig and he's trying to figure out what he's doing with his llife while also trying to be happy for them.
  • Jerod shares that a guard is taking his medicine for himself, and Callie tells  him they're still working on getting him out. 
  • Mariana confronts Evan and tells him that he has to stop sending her gifts.
  • He tells her that the app is burning itself off , they're monitoring the comments, and all the proceeds from it get donated to the ACLU. This is enough to please Mariana, and they end up jumping on and then having sex on his trampoline at hishouse. 
  • Callie reminds her that she's lying to Byte Club.
  • Lindsay and Alice talk about Alice's rough day, and Alice has to come up with a character for her next assgnment.She chooses to imitate her mother practically verbatim when she is paired with Lindsay, and that includes some gendered comments in her mother's accent. Scott and the others love it, but Lindsay is annoyed. 
  • Davia brings Gael to her class to talk to the kids and introduce them to art after he shares that he has previously worked with reconststuctive justice kids. They all seem to like it, and she calls him out on talking down on himself about his art and success. 
  • Mariana tells Evan about the Byte Club's plan and new idea, and tells him that she doesn't plan on retuning to Speculate yet. He gives her advice that goes against what they've been working on and she listens to him and presents it to the girls. 
  • Davia and Matt talk about the kids and their successes. She finds out that her contract go renewed, and Matt wants to get a drink with her. 
  • Callie did her research to find out Deputy Gaffney, the one who took Jerod's meds, got fired from his last job for stealing meds. They use that to negotiate the perfect deal of three months with time served that would get Jerod out in 30 days, but Kathleen says she'll take it to trial.
  • Lindsay is upset that Alice did well and that she had her ethnicity to fall back on. 
  • Davia declines drinks with Matt and explains that she's kind of in something with someone. She reaches out to Dennis to tell him that she got her contract renewed. 
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Byte Club Member: Sorry, I was at the gyno trying to squeeze in all of my doctor's appointments before my healthcare runs out.
Mariana: Smart. Everyone get your Paps Smears.