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On this episode of Gotham…

Jim Gordon tries to keep things in line at Arkham Asylum, but someone is using electric shock therapy to control people to do their bidding.

After a few dead bodies and twists, Jim discovers the real culprit. However, it is too late as he has managed to escape.

Fish and Butch continue to discuss their rise to power.

Butch takes out a former friend maintaining his loyalty to Fish.

Montoya can’t stay with Barbara and decides to break things off.

Barbara is upset. She calls Jim, but gets Ivy (who along with Selina Kyle have broken in to stay at Jim’s) and gets angry thinking Jim has another person there.

Oswald is thrown in jail, before learning a lesson in hubris.

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Gotham Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

It's THE Penguin.


Butch, you're not turning on me, are you?