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Gordon is throwing people out of windows as he and Bullock interrogates them for information regarding Jerome.

Tabitha and Barbara spent the night together. Galavan comes in with a breakfast cart. Tabitha leaves while Galavan and Barbara chat. Galavan shares his reasoning behind his hatred of Gotham.

Jim is at the station, yelling at everyone, even Lee. She tries to comfort him and tells him about the gala tonight, but he won't be going. Bullock interrupts with news about finding Cicero, Jerome's dad.

Tabitha and Jerome are at Cicero's apartment. When he walks in they tie him up and gag him. Jerome tells him a story about his childhood. Just as he's about to kill his dad, Jim and Bullock show up. Everyone stays quiet and then through the door we hear Cicero's scream. 

Jim and Bullock break down the door to find Cicero dead. Cicero is also holding a can of knockout gas. While Jim heads towards the window where he thinks Tabitha and Jerome escaped, Bullock checks out the can of knockout gas, not realizing that moving it from Cicero's hand activates it. He gets a good whiff of it as Jim comes to his rescue, but he also gets a whiff. He takes Bullock out to the hallway, but he gets woozy after taking a whiff of the gas. Jerome shows up and they struggle until Tabitha steps in and knocks Jim out with a kick.

Bruce and Alfred show up at the gala. Bruce doesn't want to be there, but Alfred reminds him that his parents were patrons of the hospital. 

Lee find the two of them and introduces herself. Alfred is smitten. Bruce sees Selina and excuses himself.

Jerome takes the place of the original magician for the gala. He is now going to be The Great Rodolfo. 

The deputy mayor is quizzing Galavan for some gossip. Tabitha gives him something juicy. The deputy mayor is speechless. 

Lee introduces The Great Rodolfo. Barbara is his assistant. He performs a few magic tricks then has Bruce come onto the stage for the chop box trick. Alfred gets a bit nervous, but everything turns out okay and Bruce actually enjoys it.

Back at the station, Jim and Bullock are discussing the day's events. Jim doesn't believe that Cicero had anything to do with Jerome's escape from Arkham. He tells Bullock to go home.

At the gala, Barbara brings Bruce back to Alfred and blows Lee a kiss. Jerome asks the deputy mayor to come to the stage. Leslie comments to Alfred that something about the two on stage look familiar. When Barbara bows, her mask comes off and Leslie calls Jim. She barely gets out about the goings on before someone overtakes her.

Jerome throws a knife at the deputy mayor, killing him. Chaos erupts. Jim shows up, but the cops don't want to get involved. Alfred tries to get Bruce out, but he sees Selina and runs off. Alfred starts fighting with some of the goons, but eventually gets knocked out.

Selina takes Bruce through the back way of the hotel to escape.

Everything is on live television and Jerome taunts Jim. Lee gets tied up on the knife wheel. She and Barbara verbally spar before it gets physical.

Theo Galavan shows up, playing the hero. He and Jerome talk and then Barbara knocks him out.

Bruce doesn't want to leave Alfred so he goes back to the main ballroom, Selina heads out and Jim sees her and a way in.

In the ballroom, Jerome shoots a man in the face with water then shoots a bullet through the apple on the guy's head.

Jerome is looking for Bruce and when he doesn't show up, he has the goons brings Alfred. Bruce is watching through a curtain, but before he heads back in, Gordon catches him. Bruce announces his arrival just before they shoot Alfred and hands a gun and a message from Gordon to Alfred before being taken by Jerome.

Galavan wakes up, gets Jerome's attention and stabs him in the neck. Jerome dies with a huge grin on his face.

Penguin is watching the shenanigans when Bullock shows up. Bullock threatens Penguin. Penguin is upset.

Alfred, Bruce, and Jim all thank Galavan for his heroics. Alfred still hits on Leslie, with Jim there, still not realizing she's attached. 

Bruce and Alfred leave and when Alfred turns around for one last look at Lee, he sees her kiss Jim. he gets on Bruce for not telling him about that.

Gordon and Lee go back to the precinct and Jim removes the police tape from the commissioner's office now that the case is finished.

Barbara and Galavan are together reminiscing about Jerome.

Jerome is on the autopsy table, still smiling. We see his image on tv's all over Gotham. His laughter is contagious as he is causing men to laugh and kill. His father's words about the legacy he will leave behind a voiceover.



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Gotham Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

So you're going to take over Gotham by releasing a bunch of loonies? Awesome plan.


Cicero: You will be a curse upon Gotham. Children will wake from sleep screaming at the throught of you. Your legacy will be death and madness.
Jerome: Ha. Ha. Ha.