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A lady is running from a pursuer when a monk attacks the pursuer.

Jim is putting on his dress uniform for Parks' funeral. He attends funeral. He and Barnes are pallbearers.

Jim visits Galavan in jail. He is unnerved by Galavan's cool, collected manner. Jim goes home, talks to Lee about Parks and visiting Galavan in jail. Says he has a "bad feeling."

In the sewer, the Order of St. Dumas have tied up the woman's pursuer. They hold him over an altar and slit his throat.

Cat is talking with Bruce before he goes to school. They have a plan to trick Silver. Bruce still believes Galavan knows something.

At GCPD, Jim wants Alvarez to keep searching for Gertrud's body. He wants something else on Galavan. Barnes shows up, kicks Jim off Galavan case, put him on the dead guy found on the docks case. Barnes says the Galavan case is over because the guy is going to go to jail at the hearing tomorrow.

Bullock tells Jim about information he got from a priest friends regarding the Order of St. Dumas. Galavan tried to buy the orders old Abbey which is now a Chinese massage parlor. They decide to go to the parlor.

The monks show up at the parlor.

Bruce is talking to Silver outside the school. He whispers in her ear. He is trying to convince her to get information from her uncle about his parents' murderer. Cat is perched on a branch in a tree, listening.

A van with two guys (one is The Knife) is watching Bruce and Silver.

Bullock and Gordon arrive at massage parlor. As they look for an entrance, a bunch of girls and clients start running out. They go in. A monk attacks Jim. He stabs the monk, but the monk is not affected by the stab wound. He pulls the knife out then runs out. Jim follows him outside. They monk jumps in front of a truck.

Jim tells Barnes about what happened. Barnes puts him back on the Galavan case.

After school, Bruce is listening to a message from Silver. She tells him her uncle told her the name of the killer. Bruce sees Alfred waiting for him, but instead goes to the place where Silver told him. The same van from before pulls up. Silver is being held hostage inside. They tell Bruce to get in. He does.

In Lee's office, she is examining the dead monk. Jim figures out that the monks are in the sewers. He and Bullock go into the sewers after the monks.

Lee finds Nygma and gives him the file on the monk. He is talking to Penguin. Frustrated. She's curious. Starts asking questions about Kringle. He tells her she's run off with Dougherty. Lee is surprised. Nygma starts crying. She leaves. Penguin calls again. He's looking for the spicy mustard.

Silver and Bruce are tied up in an abandoned building. The Knife is asking questions. He wants to know what Galavan knows about Bruce's parents. Silver claims she doesn't know anything. Flanagan pulls Bruce into a backroom. Silver screams.

Jim and Bullock are in the sewers. They find the altar when a monk attacks Bullock. He knocks him out. Bullock wants to beat the monk up to find out information. Jim tells Bullock to call an ambulance. There is no signal in the sewer, so he goes up top. Meanwhile, Jim pretends he is a monk and tries to get information from the downed monk.

The Knife returns to Silver. He is wiping his knife on a bloody towel. He asks Silver, again, if she knows anything. After threatening that her uncle will come and gut him, she gives up a name: Malone.

Selina and Bruce come out of the room. They tricked Silver. They tell her how Selina broke into her apartment and found a file on him. She pleads for Bruce to understand. He and Selina walk out.

The monk tells Jim about the Son of Gotham. Bullock comes back along with a couple of other cops. They arrest the monk.

Tabitha is at the penthouse and pulls a knife from a secret compartment in the fireplace. Alfred shows up looking for Bruce. They fight. She stabs him, but he escapes. He runs to catch a ride in the back of a garbage truck, but before he gets all the way in, Tabitha throws her claw knife at him. It strikes him in the back.

In court room, Mayor James is about to tell the truth about Galavan. Him shows up and tells Barnes about the monk. No information tying Galavan to anything. James tells the courtroom that it wasn't Galavan who kidnapped him...it was Penguin. The judge lets Galavan go. Jim is angry. Galavan tells the courtroom that he forgives Jim and the GCPD. Jim punches Galavan and is taken away. They two cops pull him out then taser him.

Selina and Bruce are back at Wayne Manor. Bruce tells Selina what he whispered to Silver. It was about Selina. He basically tells her he loves her. She tells him she's "stealing" one of his cars and leaves, but before she goes, she tells him not to change too much.

Penguin is on phone with Nygma. Nygma wants Penguin to get rid of Kringle's glasses. Says that Lee is suspicious. Penguin hangs up the phone, gets the glasses. Doorbell rings. It's Gabe with the news that Galavan has been released. Penguin is angry and smashes the glasses in his hands.

Jim is tied up on the docks. Galavan exposes himself as a Dumas. He is going ot have the cops kill Jim, but instead cuts him loose and taunts Jim: "Save Gotham." Fist fight ensues. Galavan kicks Jim's ass. Tells the cops to kill him slowly.

Galavan shows up at Bruce's place.

Penguin shows up at the docks. Gabe kills the cops. Penguin wants to know where Galavan is. Jim is groggy, can't answer. Penguin gets frustrated and starts angrily slapping him.

Bruce wants to know what Galavan wants. Galavan says to kill him, of course.


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