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Alfred is in the city dump. Tabitha and a couple of goons are chasing after him.

At Wayne Manor, Lucius Fox comes up from the "batcave" looking for Alfred and Bruce announcing that he's finally fixed the computer. He sees the den in disarray.

Bruce has a bag over his head and is being dragged to a cell. Galavan removes the bag and tells him why he is being punished. Father Creel anoints Bruce with holy water and says he will die at midnight. His death will release the Wayne family of their sin.

At garbage dump, Tabitha is still looking for Alfred. Alfred throws himself into a freezer. After Tabitha and the goons go past, he is going to get out, but a load of garbage is dumped on the freezer.

Jim is having a dream about Barbara falling from the church window. A butterfly flies out of her mouth as she screams. He wakes up to Penguin and Nygma singing by the piano. Penguin wants Jim to join him in his quest to kill Galavan. He tells Jim he's a wanted man and that now is the perfect time for them to work together.

Tabitha tells Galavan she couldn't find Alfred. Galavan is disappointed. Silver walks in and tells him she has a cold and can't be at the ceremony later. He tells her that she has to make Bruce fall in love with her and kiss her otherwise he will kill her and/or throw her out of the family. Tabitha tries to get Galavan to lay off to no avail.

Bruce is in a cell in a white ceremonial robe. Silver comes in. She wants to talk. He doesn't. She gets up to leave. He tells her to stay.

Alfred breaks out of the freezer and gets to the street. He stops a car and pulls the driver out, but the cops are there and stun gun him.

At the GCPD, Lee is upset that there is a warrant for Jim's arrest. She is holding a wanted poster of him. Barnes argues with her and threatens her that she will be considered an accomplice if she knows where he is and isn't telling her. She insists she doesn't know. Nygma is listening to the whole conversation. After Barnes leaves, Nygma uses a riddle to tell her where to go to find Jim.

In Bruce's cell, Silver is still trying to get Bruce to talk. Finally he relents and they talk about animals. His favorite is the owl. She talks about swimming with the dolphins and says they can read minds. Bruce tells her they use sonar to detect things, but they can't read minds.

Lee shows up at Nygma's place. Penguin and his goons are there. She wants Jim to leave with her. He says no. She tells him she's pregnant. Penguin is exasperated by that announcement.

Silver is telling Bruce a story about her 8th birthday. He shares a camping story from his childhood. She tells him she's going to help him escape. She demands the guard open the door. She takes his gun, shoots him in the foot, and they run. They continue to run through the hallways, but get caught by Galavan and a team of monks. They lock both of them up.

Fox shows up at the GCPD to report that both Alfred and Bruce are missing and that he believes they were abducted. Barnes isn't interested. He tells him and Bullock that he believes Galavan is the culprit. The phone rings and Barnes picks it up.

Bullock throws a bucket of cold water on Alfred who is in a cell. Barnes and Fox look on. Alfred tells his story. Nygma is nearby listening. Barnes insists that he can't do anything about Galavan unless there is proof. After Barnes leaves, Alfred gives Bullock a list of things he needs. Fox says two people aren't going to be enough to fight Galavan. Alfred wants Jim, but no one knows where he's at. Nygma laughs at that and is confronted by Bullock. He says a riddle and Fox figures it out, but Nygma wants to know who he is.

Jim is getting ready to leave town with Lee when Alfred and the gang show up. Jim goes to talk to them. He tells Lee that Galavan has Bruce. Lee is resigned. She tells him to call her when it's over and leaves.

Bruce wipes away Silver's tears. She tells him she loves him. He doesn't love her. He tells her he knows she is trying to trick him. She tells the truth about what Galavan said about killing her if he doesn't fall in love with her again.

Penguin, Jim, and the rest of the troops gear up for the invasion. Penguin wants to kill Galavan. Jim wants to arrest him only. Lucius wants to know what their plan is because they have no plan on how to breach Galavan's residence, then Cat shows up. She tells Jim she knows a back way in. She and Alfred have a few words. Lucius head is spinning from all this action. Jim trusts her and she suits up.

Silver wants Bruce to admit he's scared. He does, a little. Galavan comes in and tells them it's time. Before he goes with Galavan, he tells Silver he loves her and kisses her. Galavan is impressed.

Penguin and the troops are walking towards Galavan's place.

Bruce is taken to a sacred room where the monks await. He is tied up to a pole.

Cat gets in through a trap door in the garage. She takes down the garage guard and lets the troops in.

The troops are on their way up the stairs as the monks begin chanting, "Death to the Son of Gotham." It looks like Galavan is going to give the knife to Silver, but Father Creel stands up and takes it. Just as Creel is about to plunge the knife into Bruce, Silver screams and stops the ceremony. 

Gordon's troops arrive. A shootout occurs. Galavan, Tabitha, and Silver escape. Father Creel is just about lunge at Jim when Bullock shows up and shoots him.

In the penthouse, Galavan grabs two parachutes. They are going to jump out the window. Galvan is going to kill Silver, but Tabitha kicks him in the face. She gives a parachute to Silver and pushes her out the window. Galavan is aghast. She kicks him again, then jumps through the window.

Fox tells Barnes where he can find Jim Gordon.

Jim shows up, pointing a gun at Galavan. Galavan sits down. Jim tells him to cuff himself. Jim tells him he is going to get the chair. Galavan gets cocky and laughs at that idea. Jim is angry and puts the gun to Galavan's head. Barnes storms in. He tells Gordon to drop the gun, that everything has to be by the book.

Penguin comes in and knocks a vase over Barnes head. He tells Gordon that he will kill him to get to Galavan. He convinces Gordon that the only way to get rid of Galavan is to kill him, that he will go free again if they go through the court system.

Bruce, Alfred, and Selina are walking through the garage. Bruce tells them he had a plan to escape.

Jim and Penguin are by the bay. Jim pulls Galavan out of the trunk. Penguin beats him with a bat. Gordon stops Penguin after a while. He shoots Galavan. Penguin gets an umbrella out of the trunk.

Jim meets up with Lee by a fountain. He proposes.

A coroner's car pulls up at Indian Hill. Two orderlies bring a bagged body to Ms. Peabody. She unzips it to uncover Galavan with an umbrella shoved down his throat. She tells the orderlies that Dr. Strange has high hopes for this one.

A man is running down an alley. He hides between two garbage cans. Another man in a suit is chasing after him. It's Mr. Freeze. When he finds the hiding man, he points his gun and freezes him.

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

You're soft, Silver. You have compassion.


I have no feelings for you, whatsoever.