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Jim testifies before Harvey Dent and the police board, including Barnes, regarding the night of Galavan's murder.

There are several flashbacks as Gordon tells his story.

Gordon denies having anything to do with Galavan's murder. He is exonerated. Lee is waiting for him in the lobby and jugs him when he shares the good news. Barnes is watching. He isn't convinced.

Dent asks Barnes if he believes Gordon. Barnes says he believes the investigation didn't find any evidence.

Cops are patrolling the bad part of Gotham looking for Penguin. He is warming his hands by a can fire and leaves when the cops leave.

Butch is the new King of Gotham. Tabitha visits. She wants to be his partner.

Victor Fries is putting a frozen body in his van when a cop approaches him. He freezes her when she gets too nosy and takes off.

Jim returns to the station. Bullock tells him about the frozen cop case.

They go see Nygma who tells them about liquid helium. Nygma gets angry with Bullock for calling him names. 

After Bullock leaves, Jim questions Nygma about his relationship with Penguin.

Barnes brings Penguin into the station and throws him into a cell. He tells Jim that now the truth will come out about Galavan's murder.

In the interrogation room, Barnes questions Penguin about the murder. He confesses to killing Galavan and doesn't regret it. He claims insanity.

Barnes questions Penguin about Gordon's involvement in the murder. Penguin plays coy.

Jim is waiting in Barnes' office when he walks in. He tells Jim that Penguin backed his story, but Barnes is still suspicious.

Victor Fries is home and visits his wife, Nora, in her bedroom. She is dying. He tells her about his progress regarding cryogenic regeneration.

At the station, Bullock tells Gordon that Wayne Enterprises is the only place that manufactures freeze gun liquid and that there were three more abuductions that may be related to the freezing crimes.

Victor Fries is down is in the basement working on his experieents. He has a freezer full of people.

At the station Nygma secretly talks to Penguin. Penguin asks him to look after his mother's grave. A cop comes in to take Penguin to Arkham.

In Fries' basement, he is analyzing the latest experiment.

Bullock and Gordon are talking with Lucius Fox who tells them about they cryogenics program that Wayne Enterprises once financed, but was cancelled by Thomas Wayne. This program was one of other odd programs, non specified.

At Arkham, Penguin goes into the lunchroom when someone throws food at his face. He is pissed and stands on a table and tells them who he is. The nuts listen, but then mock him. Penguin is devastated.

Victor is warming up the body of a victim. He gets excited that this solution has worked. Unfortunately, the guy turns to mush. Experiment failed.

Nora is upstairs and has an attack. Victor arrives in time to help her. She's run out of medication so he goes to the pharmacy to get it refilled. The pharmacist is a jerk and refuses. Victor tells the guy he's going to regret this and leaves.

Penguin is between two orderlies waiting to speak to Professor Strange. Nigel comes out (the guy who first called out Penguin when he came into cafeteria). Strange tells Nigel to remember, "See no evil. Do no evil."  Strange introduces himself to Penguin and they go into his office.

Fries returns to the pharmacy in his Mr. Freeze suit. He takes down the pharmacist and the security officer. Before everyone books out, he asks them for help to bring the frozen guys to his van. They oblige.

Bullock gets a call about the pharmacy incident, and he and Gordon take off. They see the van and chase after it, but before they get too far, they run into the frozen security guard and smashes him, the guy's head ends up in the windshield of Bullock's car. 

Strange and Penguin are talking. Penguin tells him he has no regrets killing Galavan. Strange tells him that he's here for rehabilitation. Penguin is becoming concerned.

Fries leaves his basement and Nora hears something. She goes downstairs and discovers his lab. She's horrified.

Bullock has found the prescription bottle leading to Fries. They head to his house and find Nora downstairs. They put her in the car. Victor is watching in shock.

Penguin is being taken back to his cell which is across from Nigel. Nigel is acting strange, and Penguin asks him if he's okay. Nigel has poked his eyes out.

Jim and Bullock question Nora. She won't give Victor up. Nygma is in the ME office with the frozen pharmacist on the table. The guy is melting. Nygma leaves.

Fries comes to the station to make a confession, but a cop puts him with other guys who are claiming they are Mr. Freeze. 

Nygma returns to the office to find that the pharmacist is gone. The pharmacist lives. Victor's solution 16 works. He sees the guy when he comes out with a sheet on. He's taken down by cops, sees Fries, but Fries takes off.

Strange takes a secret elevator down to Indian Hill where Ms. Peabody greets him and gives him updates, including that Firefly isn't cooperating with the experiments. She also shares the news headlines with him. The new has dubbed Fries, Mr. Freeze. Strange is surprised, yet excited to learn that cryogenic regeneration works.





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Gotham Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Normally, I go for handsome, intelligent men, not brutes; but you have an amazing animal vitality about you.


Dent: Barnes.
Barnes: Dent.
Dent: Captivating story.
Barnes: Yes, it was.
Dent: Do you believe him?
Barnes: I believe your investigation has found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.
Dent: Careful. You're starting to sound like a lawyer.