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Penguin is sitting in Galavan's office having a delivered a requested package: a trunk. Penguin tries to convince Galavan to let his mother go, but Galavan refuses. 

Tabitha opens the trunk to reveal Sid Bunderslaw. Galavan wants to know all the secrets of Wayne Enterprises, but first Tabitha takes a knife to him.

Barnes, Gordon, and the Strike Force raid Penguin's count house. A firefight ensues. Someone fires a rocket launcher at the police, but is shot. Barnes is surprised at the weaponry.  Gordon tells Barnes about a weapons warehouse that has never been raided because of city council members on the take. Barnes vows to raid the warehouse the next day.

Penguin is venting to Butch about Galavan's tactics when one of his men comes in to tell him about the count house raid. Penguin takes his anger out on the guy and nearly beats him to death with a fireplace poker.

Lee follows Jim to his desk when he returns to the precinct. She reminds him about date night when Nygma shows up. He asks for a double date and Lee invites him and Kringle to her place for fondue. Jim is not thrilled, but agrees.

Galavan shows up and asks Jim to endorse him for mayor. Jim declines.

Tabitha visits Penguin with a job in hand. It's  list of places for him to burn to the ground. She gives him a small silver box that they will need.

Butch visits Cat. He needs her to take him to the Pike brothers who are the best arsonists in Gotham. He tells her they are Fish loyalists and won't trust him if he goes alone, but that she'll add credence because Fish loved her.  Cat talks about Fish coming back, but Butch says he doesn't think that's going to happen.

They get to Pike's place. The brothers want to shoot Butch, but Cat convinces them that Butch is one of them. They talk about Fish and her return. Butch tries to dismiss the idea, but is cut off.  They agree to do the job. Their sister Bridgit gets them beer, but is kicked by Joe Pike when she doesn't give everyone a glass for their beer. 

She runs outside to cry. Cat follows and gives her a mini pep talk.

Evan Pike goes to the Merc to buy some napalm for their job. When he sees the cost of the plastic explosives, he steals one by putting it in his pants. Just as he's about to grab some sticks of dynamite, the cops raid the place. He runs, but Gordon and Barnes follow. He is trapped by a locked gate. He turns and takes out his gun to shoot, but Gordon shoots first, then several times igniting the plastic explosives which kills Evan.

Nygma and Kringle are enjoying fondue at Lee's place. Gordon shows up late. Lee comments about the new, "cool" Nygma. Nygma makes a toast to friends.

The last two Pike brothers are talking about their brothers death. They force Bridgit to take over Evan's firebug duties.

Lee and Gordon are cleaning up. Gordon tells Lee about Galavan's request.

Bridgit is setting a bomb at one of the buildings on Tabitha's list. After she lights the fuse, she has to recover a knife from a safe using Buderslaw's eyeball (that Tabitha but out with a talon knife earlier).

She escapes to the vents just in time, but not before her leg catches fire.

Barnes wants Gordon to find a pattern to the buildings that were destroyed the night before.

Bridgit digs through a box with a flamethrower and discovers flame retardant material. She starts to make a suit for herself when Cat shows up to collect the knife. They have a discussion about family.

Penguin is trying to figure out why Galavan wants a knife with the Wayne crest on its handle. Butch suggests he talk to Edwige who might be able to shed some light about the history of the knife. Edwige tells Penguin about the sordid history of the knife. One of the Wayne brothers used the knife to cut off Caleb Dumas' arm after he was caught being indecent with Celestine Wayne who had been promised to another. They Wayne's banished the Dumas from Gotham and wiped everything Dumas from the city. The Dumas changed their name to Galavan.

Gordon discovers that the destroyed buildings all had a Wayne connection. Him and Bullock decide to stake out the building that may be the next target.

Penguin has Butch drink his favorite booze while shares his plan on how he's going to rescue his mother. Butch has about 6 drinks when Penguin chops off part of Butch's arm. This is how Butch will convince Galavan that Penguin has gone mad and he needs a new job on Galavan's team.

Bullock and Gordon staking out the book depository when the Pike brothers and Bridgit show up. She gets out of the van in her Firefly suit when the cops show up. Her brothers take off, telling her to run, but she freezes and shoots out flames from her flamethrower to hinder Bullock and Gordon. The flamethrower jams and Garret takes her down. She fights him off, the flamethrower recovers and sets him on fire. While Jim is trying to save Garrett, Cat helps Bridgit escape.

Galavan is at the precinct glad-handing with the cops. Barnes lets Jim and the Strike Force members know that Garrett didn't make it. Barnes vows to find the cop killer. Jim approaches Galavan who guesses about the demise of Garrett. Jim agrees to endorse Galavan if he promises to do whatever is necessary to help take down Gotham's bad guys.

Galavan returns to his place to find a hooded figure waiting for him. Father Creel tells Galavan about the warriors who are crossing the ocean to come help destroy Gotham and kill Bruce Wayne.




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Gotham Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

The less you have the more they're worth. To friends.


Cat: She might come back.
Butch: I was there darlin'.
Cat: She might.
Butch: Whatever.